Sorare’s success thanks to his digital footballer vignettes

“I was struggling to find an idea for a Christmas present for my brother. We always offer ourselves the same thing: a perfume, a clothes… This year, I wanted to be original! “, tells Stéphane, alias @ benkode38 on Twitter. On December 25, this 36-year-old Isérois, passionate about cryptocurrency, spoiled his younger brother. At the bottom of an envelope, he hid the printed version of a Sorare card of an Austrian football player, valued at 150 euros. This fantasy football game, which reminds the two brothers of the Panini cards from their childhood, has been fascinating them for several months.

The cards produced by Sorare see their values ​​fluctuate depending on their rarity, as well as the potential, level and form of the player represented. To acquire them, you have to win auctions organized by other players. And don’t be afraid of cryptocurrencies. Because these virtual cards, which are in reality NFTs (non-fungible token in English, an authenticated and traceable digital asset on the blockchain), can only be purchased in ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

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To make his own butter, Sorare takes a commission when the cards are issued. Combining the NFT phenomenon and the most popular sport in the world, the concept is a cocktail that the public craves. Launched in 2019 by the French Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, the start-up signed on September 21 a record fundraising campaign of $ 680 million, which values ​​it at $ 4.3 billion (3.8 billion euros ). Emmanuel Macron was quick to congratulate them on LinkedIn. Thanks to its rapid rise, the French company, which has increased its partnerships with clubs, players and the media, is targeting 200 employees in 2022.

“I knew absolutely nothing about it. But being passionate about football, it attracted me. It was a way to earn some money from my knowledge of football. »Corentin Gaffé, Sorare player

This success has attracted regulars in sports betting, video games, the crypto world as well as simple football enthusiasts. They all have one goal: to win the jackpot. Sorare is, in effect, a financial investment. At the end of 2020, it had 2,900 users. A year later, 72,000 people had purchased at least one card on the site. Among them, many cryptocurrency neophytes. “I knew absolutely nothing about it. But being passionate about football, it attracted me. It was a way to earn some money thanks to my knowledge of football ”, says Corentin Gaffé, alias Monaco76.

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