Sunday raises $ 100 million

The idea came to him “Seeing QR codes proliferate on the tables” restaurant during the first months of the Covid-19 epidemic. They then allow you to consult the menu by scanning the barcode with your phone. “I said to myself: ‘Hey, we could use these QR codes to pay.’ Because 100% of customers hate paying in restaurants. It takes way too longsays Victor Lugger, co-founder of the successful Italian restaurant group Big Mamma.

Big Mamma then decides to develop within the company and test a payment solution, called Sunday, which allows you to pay without signaling to the waiter and without waiting for the bill. The payment application being linked to the cash register software used when taking the order, the guests can, by flashing the QR code, access the bill, then share it equally or according to the dishes of each one. To pay, they must enter their credit card details, as for an online purchase. “We have not noted any case of a client who left without paying, assure M. Lugger. Bringing the bill to the table does not change the possibility of cheating. “

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Experimentation works. According to the restaurateur, at Christmas 2020, “80% of the 10,000 daily customers at Big Mamma paid with Sunday”. Waiters “Adore”, because tips increase by 40%, thanks to preselected amounts that diners can click on. Restaurant owners “Can turn their tables quickly” and are offered, for payment, “Lower rates” conventional bank commissions.

“We were quickly surprised by the scale of the demand”

The team therefore decided to launch the Sunday company in April 2021, based in Atlanta, in the United States, by partnering with Christine de Wendel, who went through the e-commerce site specializing in DIY ManoMano. They then raise $ 24 million (around 20.5 million euros, at the current rate), use their network and start by equipping restaurateurs they know. “We were quickly surprised by the scale of the demand”, says Lugger, who has taken over as Sunday. Its clients range from the Hippopotamus chain to Jacques Faussat’s starred restaurant in Paris, including Les Tontons Afro in Lille and Bouillon Pigalle in the capital.

The company, which now has 170 employees, intends to develop rapidly on an international scale

Five months later, Sunday announces, Wednesday September 22, a new fundraising of 100 million dollars from the investment fund Coatue, the venture capital firm DST Global and investors from the hotel industry. , catering and tech. The start-up sold its promising balance sheet: more than 1,500 restaurateurs have been equipped, more than a million customers have used its solution to pay at the table and 25 cash register software are being integrated.

With this new money, the company, which now has 170 employees, intends to develop rapidly on an international scale. “We have requests in Hong Kong, Russia, Canada or Argentina, emphasizes Mr. Lugger. We aim to be able to connect with around 100 cash register software and tens of millions of users by 2022. ” The use is growing, but other players are joining the ranks of table payment by QR code, such as the fintech Lyf, created by Crédit Mutuel and BNP Paribas, which has been offering this service since autumn 2020.