Sylvette and Serge, two faces of these “new vulnerable”

According to a study published Tuesday, October 12, by the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (Crédoc), 31% of people questioned today feel in a precarious situation, and a quarter of them attribute this situation to the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the past two years, 4 million French people have fallen into a worrying economic situation. Two of these “New vulnerable”, in the words of Crédoc, agreed to testify to the World.

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  • Sylvette T., a retiree forced to give up her income supplement

For Sylvette T. (who did not want her name to appear), 71, the pandemic was an earthquake in her life as a trader and retiree. His small ready-to-wear store, specializing in large sizes, in Tarbes, provided him with additional income after his modest retirement of 750 euros, but everything stopped. “It was my world, she confides, with loyal customers, friends, who came back several times a week, and we chatted over coffee. I loved and I lived well, almost offshore, with 1,500 euros per month, a meal at a restaurant from time to time… When the first confinement arrived, in March 2020, I closed, telling myself that it would be temporary . It was also an opportunity to rest a little. But, financially, it was a first blow. The owner of the store was sympathetic, and waived his rent of 700 euros. “

Sylvette being retired, she is not entitled to the solidarity fund for companies, so she reopens her shop as soon as possible, but the customers are no longer there. “ They were afraid to go out, afraid of the Covid. The activity never resumed as before. So I resolved, death at heart, to close definitively, and I liquidated my stock for three francs six sous, with travelers … After which, I returned home and I went to bed for a while. one week ! I who worked all my life until the age of 70, who contributed and contributed to the life of the country – because I am not a beggar, I am a fighter -, I find myself without means, to owe 25 euros per month at Urssaf until 2023. “ And Sylvette T. to continue: “I am not entitled to housing allowance, on the contrary, the 100 euros I was receiving were withdrawn at the worst possible time and the social worker concluded the interview by saying: You will have to be content with your retirement… I had to reimburse an alleged overpayment from APL of 100 euros and the only four phone calls I received from the administration were to claim this sum! “, she protests.

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