temp agencies do their mea culpa

“An essential first step”, in the opinion of Elisabeth Moreno. On January 6, the temporary employment networks presented the Minister Delegate for Equality and the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, with their action plans to put an end to discrimination in hiring.

October 8, 2021, a “reverse testing” operation carried out by SOS Racisme with the largest temporary networks in Ile-de-France revealed that nearly half of the agencies surveyed agreed to discriminate against candidates at the request of their potential clients. Elisabeth Moreno and Elisabeth Borne had asked the interim networks concerned to set up “Concrete actions” so that these practices cease.

At the same time, Prism’emploi, the employers’ organization in the temporary work sector, has undertaken to modernize its branch agreements. During the testing organized by SOS Racisme, only between 60% and 70% of the agencies of Manpower, Randstad and Crit responded in the negative to discriminatory requests from potential recruiters.

“For two years, it is true that we have communicated less internally on these subjects, recognizes Aline Crépin, director of social innovation and public affairs at Randstad. This is no excuse, but we faced a historic crisis with agencies that found themselves with a 90% drop in their activity. However, we know that when it comes to discrimination, we have to come back to it all the time and raise awareness. “

Crit Interim announces at World the implementation of internal testing operations by an independent body, starting this year. Recruiters were already undergoing compulsory training, which will be redeployed, on subjects related to diversity. This is more or less the action plan put in place by Randstad. The group has decided to reactivate the mystery calls, which were stopped in 2018. “After a while, the agencies spot them and it has less of this educational vocation, but it allows you to keep constant vigilance. “

Training is the other essential axis, according to Aline Crépin: “We already have compulsory modules on the subject of discrimination, but we realized that only 80% of new entrants had followed this training to the end. ” The group is working on a game to make its employees aware of discrimination in a fun way.

“ETTs only do sourcing”

FO-Interim delegate, Mathieu Maréchal admits to being skeptical of the action plans put in place by temporary employment companies (ETT). These initiatives fail to not worry the end customer: the company requesting the temping agency. The latter can easily sort the applications sent by temporary employment agencies according to its own criteria. “ETTs only do sourcing: they present CVs and the company makes its choice. In this case, how do you want to prove that there is discrimination? “

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