The Morbihan prefecture gives its approval to a contested wine project in Belle-Ile-en-Mer

“A breach in ecological protection” from Belle-Ile-en-Mer. For several months, associations have been calling for the abandonment of the twelve hectare organic vineyard project on the island off the coast of Quiberon, for which the Morbihan prefecture has given its approval. Project led by businessman Christian Latouche, CEO of Fiducial, who also owns the Vallongue estate, near Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

In a prefectural decree dated November 8, the authorities consider that this project concerns “Plots made up of wastelands or areas in the process of falling into land”. The decree specifies that it will be carried by the civil society of agricultural exploitation (SCEA) Les vignes de Kerdonis, which can “Contribute to the diversification of agricultural activities on the island territory”, and underlines that “Viticulture has been present in Brittany, and especially in the island territory”. Besides, “The development of vines in Brittany is part of the context of climate change”, and “The planned organic viticulture is likely to limit the treatments”, considers the document.

A public inquiry took place from May 17 to June 17, which resulted in a favorable opinion from the investigating commissioner. The two municipal councils of Locmaria and Bangor, municipalities where the operation is to be located, issued a favorable opinion in June for the creation of the vineyard.

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“There is nothing Bellilois about this project”

Published on May 11, an online petition entitled “No to the privatization of the wild coast of Belle-Ile-en-Mer” has collected more than 38,000 signatures. This is seven times the number of inhabitants recorded on this ancient volcano 17 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide.

“There is nothing Bellilois about this project. It is the opposite of an island agricultural development on a human scale and respectful of its environment. It is carried by one of the greatest fortunes in France, which intends to make a financial investment here which amounts to privatizing part of this island. (…) », say the petitioners.

In a press release released on Monday, the Belliloise association La Bruyère vagabonde said “To regret the decision of the prefect of Morbihan to authorize the development of a wine-growing operation on classified sites of the wild coast of Belle-Ile”. She announces her intention to file an annulment appeal before the administrative courts. “With such a decision (…) the State takes the insane risk of opening a breach in the ecological protection of our island, which is still one of the most preserved natural sites in France and in Europe ”, believes the association.

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