those who go down and … those who go up in 2022

Beware of hasty interpretations. The rates of the 117 banks analyzed by the comparator exclusively for The world fell on average by 0.16% over one year to 1is January 2022. Stability bodes well at this time when the French budget is under pressure, in particular due to rising energy prices. But appearances are deceptive. “The prices seem stable, but the situation is more complex than it seems, decrypts Adeline Jubert, manager of We are certainly seeing downward pressure in mutual institutions, in particular Crédit Agricole, but the national networks have also increased their costs. “ If we stick to the prices of banks outside the packages, these bundled service offers, the bill climbs by 1.01% over one year.

The feelings of customers receiving their invoice from the 1is January 2022 will therefore be very different depending on the type of establishment in which they have an account. Online banks remain by far the cheapest, in particular Boursorama Banque and Fortuneo, which grab the first places in our rankings for all customer profiles. New in the 2022 edition of the bank rate barometer, the “100% mobile follower” profile has been expanded to include 15 establishments. It includes both historic online banks such as BforBank, Boursorama, Fortuneo and ING, but also fintechs such as Aumax, Bunq, Lydia or Nickel.

What these new players have in common is that they offer an account and a bank card, but do not always have a banking license per se. The Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR) insists on limiting the use of the term “neobank” to real banks. “Using the word bank or credit institution to qualify a non-bank company is prohibited by law”, recalls the institution. Objective: to avoid cultivating confusion in the minds of customers by passing off simple payment establishments as banks. “These new players are regulated: their status imposes constraints and controls. Some also aspire to become full-fledged banks when their size allows it ”, tempers Julien Bet, partner of Bain & Company in the financial services division.

Free offers

The three cheapest establishments in our “100% mobile enthusiast” profile are two banks (Boursorama and Fortuneo) and the fintech Aumax, all three showing a free offer for our consumers. The other players studied offer prices between 12.30 euros (Revolut) and 130.92 euros (Bunq). Nickel reached 126 euros because of its method of invoicing withdrawals (1.50 euros for each visit to the ATM; 3 free withdrawals per month at tobacconists).

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