Vincent Bolloré met Emmanuel Macron

He had been hoping for this date for a long time, but had not been satisfied until this day. According to our information, Vincent Bolloré met, a few weeks ago, and at his request, Emmanuel Macron. A meeting not listed on the official agenda of the Head of State. What did the two men say to each other? Mystery. But this meeting would not have gone well, according to Vincent Bolloré, says one of his acquaintances.

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The industrialist would have little appreciated certain words of the Head of State, who would have pointed out to him that he “Bought everything”. A simple joke? Or a real reproach? One thing is certain, Emmanuel Macron is scalded by the conservative tone of CNews and the takeover of the media from Lagardère, of which Vincent Bolloré holds 27%. The bringing to heel of Europe 1 and the imminent arrival in the station of several figures from CNews, a subsidiary of Canal + (Vivendi, of which Vincent Bolloré is the largest shareholder) confirm the hold of Bolloré, one year before the election presidential election, while Lagardère also owns the JDD and Paris Match.

The friend of the Breton billionaire, Nicolas Sarkozy, had tried to warm up relations with Emmanuel Macron

For a long time, Vincent Bolloré was persona non grata at the “Château”, and at Vivendi we complained for months about being badly treated by the public authorities. The latter would never have heard the complaints of Canal + on the need for more favorable regulations, for example.

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The friend of the Breton billionaire, Nicolas Sarkozy, had tried to warm up relations with Emmanuel Macron. In September 2020, he organized a dinner at the Elysee Palace, where the respective companions of the three men were also present. But the angry subjects had not been discussed, and this first meeting was not enough to reconcile the Head of State with the Breton industrialist. What did this second meeting really give? At Vivendi, we claim not to be aware of the meeting. But it is emphasized that both Matignon and the Elysée have “Stopped assaulting the group”.

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