2021 Special: The Artists Who Marked the Year

Who will you remember when you think about 2021? Some artists and bands go down in history for their impact on culture, or even for broken records, and there are also those who mark us a period for the company they made us over the months. Those yes are unforgettable on a personal level for those who listen to them.

To assemble the list of artists that marked 2021, the team Pave Music took all of this and more into consideration. In a time marked by the flurry of weekly releases, these names that you read below were the ones to talk about on the website, podcast and in our conversations, they were the ones that did not leave our headphones and that surprised us at times and affirmed their talents always .

The voting (as always) was very fierce, and you now know those musicians who marked the time for the pavezeiros – presented here in no specific order.

Marina Sena

Brazil lay for her smile (voice and discography)! Throughout 2021, Marina Sena won hearts, music charts and awards – as New Artist at the Multishow Award – after the release of her debut album, At first. The singer shines her eccentricity in a unique way in each song, sound construction and visual identity; there is no way not to set foot on this trip. (Isabela Guiduci)

Lil Nas X

2021 was the year that Lil Nas X danced on the devil’s lap, established himself as the king of memes, and made conservatives kick their ass daily. After publicly acknowledging his homosexuality, the artist included pride in his identity in music and music videos. A more vulnerable side also appeared on the debut album, Montero. The album unites rap and pop, in addition to making it clear that Lil Nas X is far from being “one hit wonder”. (Guilherme Gurgel)

Juçara Marçal

Juçara Marçal released the second album on which she signs alone. But it’s hard to say that this is his second album, as he played in the world for more than ten, through projects such as Metá Metá and Padê, among others. Produced in the constant company of Kiko Dinucci, Delta Estacio Blues it is extremely experimental in its harmonic, electric and electronic composition, and all this combined with beautiful melodies and, obviously, Juçara’s powerful voice. This incredible album, his singing and his presence make Juçara one of the great highlights of the year, decade, century and history of Brazilian music. (Diego Tribuzy)

Duda Beat

Duda Beat got 2021 for her. The glow of the Pernambuco woman spread everywhere, from Times Square and appearances in TV shows to our hearts, because she caused us to fall in love with mad and resigned suffering with her second album I love you out there, with those sincere and painful lyrics, poetic and dancing. And the clips? It took all the love of the Brazilian people too. It’s forever! (Rafaela Valverde)

Olivia rodrigo

The darling of pop music in 2021 was Olívia Rodrigo. With a debut album exorcising the hurts of her wrecked relationship, the artist has taken 2000s pop rock nostalgia to the top of the charts around the world. The rage, drama, passion and excitement in her songs are as raw as the 18-year-old artist’s hormones. A new generation is coming – and it arrives without knocking on the door. (Nuno Nunes)

Little Simz

There was already some expectation about the new release of the English rapper, since GREY Area took most of the best records of the year lists in 2019. Not long after announcing Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, she justifies the hype presenting a rich, moving, peculiarly overwhelming and very personal record that consolidates her as one of the most talented and complete rappers today. (Vítor Henrique Guimarães)

Don L

“The world is formed not only by what already exists, but by what actually can exist.” The phrase by geographer Milton Santos is a way of illustrating Don L’s proposal in RPA Vol2: art as the driving force of a Brazil reimagined from the beginning and a utopia of revolution and power taken by the secularly excluded. Fight, libido, blood, dance, reflection. In 2021, the rapper from Ceará delivered the most impressive work of his career (including his former group Costa a Costa), a masterpiece that goes beyond gender limitations. (Eduardo Yukio Araújo)


If Generation Z were a person, it would be Willow. The 21-year-old artist proved TikTok’s strength in the music industry and gifted us with renewed and intense punk pop. Entitled to partnerships with Travis Baker and Avril Lavigne, his album lately I feel EVERYTHING he showed the maturity of his music and sincerely and emotionally explored the feeling of our times: anxiety. (Marília Ferruzzi)

Honorable Mention: Marisa Monte

If, on the one hand, any year that wins a release from the singer will be marked by it, Marisa, on the other hand, gave us more than a collection of new songs, but a work that brings color, inspiration and a lot of beauty to such a 2021. lacking in good things. Masterfully, the singer, songwriter and producer gave us a collection of sincere smiles, the kind that do not ignore tears. (André Felipe de Medeiros)

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