2021 Special: The Live Videos That Marked the Year

After a decade of massive presence in the way we consume music on the web, live videos have gained new relevance over the past two years, being, in many cases, our only chance to get to know those songs in out-of-studio versions.

Of the many videos that the Pave Music reported, commented and monitored throughout 2021, some of them have everything to stay forever as references for future works, with a special place also in our affective memory.

See the selected list below, voted on and commented on by the site’s team, both for short videos and larger specials – some even with interviews and documentary aspect.

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Short term

Tiny Desk Meets AFROPUNK: Luedji Luna

Within the content of the special Tiny Desk Meets AFROPUNK, there is an exquisite performance by Luedji Luna, also released as a solo video. The singer from Bahia – visibly comfortable, light, extremely in tune, communicating perfectly in English – sings three songs from her latest album, It’s really good to be underwater (2020), accompanied by four virtuoso musicians. The short show leaves an immense desire for more. (Lili Buarque)

Vevo: Billie Eilish

Only the first guitar notes create the sensitive atmosphere of this performance that moves from beginning to end. In this acoustic version of Your Power, recorded in just one take, the camera goes back and forth through the hallway, adding an intimate element to the presentation, as well as enhancing the story of the lyrics. One of Billie’s best performances of the year. (Geovan Diniz)

Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts: C. Tangana

A family enjoying a sound at a Sunday lunch and a show that rescues traditional Spanish music: both things fit in the Tiny Desk of C. Tangana. With songs from your album The Madrileño (2021), the artist joins a choir of relatives and friends, alongside traditional representatives of flamenco music. The performance makes clear the roots and inspirations for the artist’s rich and vibrant music. (Guilherme Gurgel)

Giovanna Moraes – Big Moment Peculiar

The restless singer from São Paulo had a very busy year: EPs, singles and live recordings, always with visual accompaniment – ​​something already expected for connoisseurs of the artist. The video captures the warm atmosphere of the show, with the sharp dynamics of the great band that accompanies Giovanna. The composer’s performance, the urgent camera, the lights and reflections create intriguing textures that transmit the heat of the stage. (Eduardo Yukio Araujo)

Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts: Miley Cyrus

Miley has proven to be one of the biggest names in the pop world, choosing to walk in a direction almost no one imagined she would take. In your Tiny Desk, dressed like a real rockstar, she sings in a teenager’s mini bedroom, making her giant in that small space. Miley shows, with her big voice and attitude, how much she is much bigger than that artist of years ago, who had her face scattered in other teenagers’ rooms. (Carolina Reis)

Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts: Fleet Foxes

With an acoustic guitar and his sensitive and finely tuned voice, Robin Pecknold shows songs from his newest album by Fleet Foxes, Shore (2020). The performance for the series Tiny Desk Concerts brings four tracks: Going-to-the-Sun-Road (with Robin singing the verses recorded by Tim Bernardes in Portuguese), Sunblind, Featherweight e I’m Not My Season – all traced in clear, meditative tones, so striking on the sunny Shore. (Bruno Maroni)

Long term

Balaclava Connection: Suit King + Samuel Rose

The songs of the band Skank, already rooted in the Brazilian’s unconscious, gained an indie appearance after the meeting with Terno Rei. The special yielded three songs interspersed with great conversations about the music scene. Samuel Rosa is an entity of Tupiniquim music and the joy of the group from São Paulo, who is playing with an idol, is evident throughout the entire performance. Who wins with the meeting of generations is Brazilian music. (Nuno Nunes)

CreoleSamba in Three Times

Criolo takes risks – and manages very well – in the interpretation of great samba classics and his own compositions. As the name suggests, the presentation is divided into three times: a first one of tenderness and melancholy; a second of force and denunciation; and a third party for feasting and delighting. The three come together to compose a well-executed performance with a lot of soul. (Marília Ferruzzi)

Juçara Marçal – Delta Estacio Blues Live

Here, Brazilian music, the main thread, receives industrial affluents, punk, folk and hip hop. The mixture of fluids and sound fragments branches into the arms of Juçara, Kiko, Marcelo and Alana. So the subversiveness, contrast and beauty of Delta Estacio Blues flow into our eyes and ears. It’s live – as it is for any force of nature – that you experience the full potential of one of the strongest works of the year. (John Barreira)

Tiny Desk Meets AFROPUNK

This show was a combo of four amazing performances: ChocQuibTown, a Colombian hip-hop group, did really well, in a vibe funk and reggaeton; Portuguese singer Nenny and Puerto Rican Calma Carmona showed different faces of hip-hop soul; But the highlight is our Luedji Luna, with her incredible voice, giving us that nice feeling of seeing ourselves well represented. (André Moraes)

Of yours – We Arrived Home Alone | CSEC Fragments

What do the fragments say? In a documentary, poetic and extensive series, Tuyo dives into her own trajectory and shares moments, lines, phrases and thoughts. With sensitivity and art, questions and conversations are available to all of us, we can talk together. All this surrounded by music, intensity and delivery. Tuyo and the performance of a sound linked to life. (Letícia Miranda)


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