Guns N ‘Roses: “It was a difficult dynamic to get three guitars to work”

September 23, 2020 4:38 pm
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Guns N ‘Roses, at the end of a concert in 2016, with Richard Fortus second from left | Photo: Katarina Benzova

In addition to Slash, is part of the current Guns N’ Roses as a guitarist Richard Fortus, who joined the band at the beginning of 2002 and focuses his work on the rhythm section. Since his incorporation, the St. Louis-born musician has experienced first-hand the entrance and exit of great instrumentalists to the mythical group headed by Axl Rose, although the last line-up change, with the return of Slash Y Duff McKagan training has been, by all accounts, the most famous.

In a recent appearance on the podcast ‘The Radical With Nick Terzo’, Fortus reviewed all these variations within Guns N ‘Roses and highlighted some difficult moments.

“I love Robin (Finck, guitarist), I love how he plays, I loved working with him. And obviously Tommy (Stinson, bassist) is like my brother. We were all very close. And then there was Bucket (Buckethead), who was kind of on his own. But it was very musical, and it was exciting to be a part of it. He is a phenomenal talent. Man, he’s quite eccentric, and he can definitely be difficult to work with. I enjoyed working with him because he is very musical. “, sostiene Richard Fortus.

The guitarist underlines how difficult it was to balance three guitarists in the band at the same time: “It was a difficult dynamic to get three guitars to work at the same time. Buckethead did an excellent job, because he understood the dynamics of it and how the pieces of the puzzle have to fit together, he really understood. Everything had to have its space ”.

Complications also occurred when Buckethead definitely left the band and entered his place Ron Thal, formerly known as Bumblefoot: “It was a different dynamic, because I think Ron has been used to doing his own thing, with his own band, so he really didn’t understand how that worked or how to make it work. So that time was complicated “.

As for who was taking on the role of music director at the time before the meeting with Slash and Duff, Fortus comments: “For a large part it was Tommy (bassist), he was sort of put into that role. And then Axl was the final referee “.

Finally, in 2015 the bomb exploded of the return of the original guitarist and bassist to the formation, with the consequent revolution in the formation. This is how Fortus remembers it: “He was not uncomfortable in any way. You are cautious at first, you do not want to get where they do not call you. We were all feeling each other out. Duff and I had worked together before and we were friends, and we bonded very quickly and naturally. I think we have a lot of musical baggage in common given where we come from, the bands we grew up with and the progression of our musical interests, with all the background in older music and then punk rock and our love for the Stones. And as for Slash and me, it all flowed very naturally and really easy. “

Richard Fortus recognizes that Duff is one of his favorite people and raves about him, while describing it as a dream situation to be able to play “With guys who take everything as seriously as me and are so committed and dedicated”. Of course, the possible new Guns N ‘Roses album, first after the reunion between Axl Rose, Duff McKagan and Slash does not let go, although it seems that the relationships between them are, a priori, a good pretext to advance in it.


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