The enigmatic death of Brian Jones, the founder of the Rolling Stones

Brian Jones died in strange circumstances on the night of July 3, 1969, just days after being fired from the Rolling Stones.

Talk about Brian Jones is talking about one of the most influential musicians from the 1960s, thanks to his passion for the blues, his versatility and his constant search for new sounds and musical experimentation.

He was the founder of The Rolling Stones along with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ian Stewart in 1962.

Not only that, was the leader of the band during the first stage thanks to its technical quality and vision.

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Brian Jones: one more member of the “Club of 27”

However, all that bright present and promising future within the musical environment were cut short with his sudden strange death.

Jones died on July 3, 1969, just when Brian was barely 27 years.

That is why he is one of the members of the so-called “Club of 27”: group of renowned artists who died just at the age of 27, including Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Robert Johnson, Pete Ham, among other talented musicians.

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The enigmatic death of Brian Jones

brian jones

But, And how did Brian Jones die?

Well, the guitarist had been fired from the Rolling Stones on June 19, 1969.

His relationship with the rest of the band was very worn, since on the musical plane his ideas were no longer well received, which gradually limited his participation in the group’s dynamics.

brian jones

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While in the Personal theme there were also problems, especially with Keith Richards because he started a relationship with Jones’s ex-partner, the actress and model Anita Pallenberg, just a few days after the break up with Brian.

In this context, the night of July 3, 1969 Brian Jones was found dead in his home pool.

The legal truth notes that the guitarist died due to a submersion suffocation (drowning), after being the victim of a asthma attack while swimming.

However, some Conspiracy theories that pointed to a homicide.

Some said that Jones was killed by mafia members, due to a settling of accounts, since some versions emerged that claimed that he owed money to drug dealers.

It was also said that another mafia, the of the record industry, was the one that ended the life of Brian Jones, since he had plans to put together a super group as well as other musical projects with great artists friends of him such as John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Steve Marriott, Bob Dylan, among others, which would bring problems for several labels and managers.

On the other hand, there is another theory that points out that a contractor named Frank Thorogood together with his workers they caused his death, when he was drinking at Jones’s house after carrying out some remodeling maneuvers.

Thorogood and company are said to have killed Brian from accidental way to be “joking” in the pool, while on the other hand it is said that it was with full intention since the guitarist had been bad with the payments for the remodeling.

It is even claimed that on his deathbed, Frank Thorogood He went on to confess his involvement in Jones’s death.

But all this is still speculation, nurturing the mystery of the death of Brian Jones.