When Chris Slade (ex-AC / DC) kept Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) waiting to tour with David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

July 4, 2021 8:02 pm
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Most know him for his work as a AC/DC, but the truth is that Chris Slade he has a very versatile career in which he has been able to collect all kinds of anecdotes. This is clear in the interview that the legendary drummer kept for Vinyl Writer Music, an interesting conversation in which he focused on the period from 1984 to 1986, when he was part of the supergroup The Firm next to Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) Y Paul Rodgers (Bad Company).

The proposal to join that coalition of talents came in a very curious way. “They called me once at lunchtime and the person said something like “Hi, this is David Gilmour speaking.” And I thought “Come on, Fred, I know it’s you who’s kidding me.” And he kept going, “No, no, I’m David Gilmour”, so at the end I said “Hi Dave! How are you?

Once Slade Overcome the initial stupor, the conversation took a more professional course. “Dave said “I’m organizing a tour and I’d like you to play the drums.” I thought “Great, it’s great, but you know I’m working with Mick Ralphs.” And he continued “Ah yes, but nothing happens because Mick is going to be there too. So I said yes to that back in 1984, I think it was actually 1983 because I told my wife “Let’s go to the bar to celebrate, I’m going to tour with Gilmour in a few months.”

Curiously, shortly after Slade to celebrate the news in style, he received another call as soon as he got home. This time it was the very Jimmy Page and it wasn’t a joke of any kind. “Paul Rodgers and I are putting together a band and we would like you to play the drums, ”he told me. I had to explain the situation to him. “You won’t believe it, Jimmy, but an hour ago I told David Gilmour that I would tour with him.” “How long are you going to be away?” He asked me. Initially it was going to be three months on the road and everything was already organized ”.

But the plans changed and that adventure lasted for a year. “I kept calling Jim and told him that they had extended it for another month, then two months … And he only told me” Well, you’ll tell us. ” In the end they waited a whole year for me to come back on tour with Gilmour. That was special, a day to mark in red. I don’t remember the exact date, but I wrote it down on the calendar then. ”



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