For sale the statues that Michael Jackson had in his Neverland streak

It has been almost 12 years since Michael Jackson died but his figure continues to be remembered, especially by the millions of fans who were seduced by his music around the world. However, the artist was also known for his eccentricities and one of them was the Neverland ranch where he lived, a children’s amusement park that led him to ruin. Now some of the statues that adorned their gardens have gone on sale, although the price they have is not suitable for all budgets.

Neverland was, for many years, the dream place for any child. Michael Jackson managed to create a real fantasy universe and made it his home, although later it was his undoing since the investment he needed to support himself led him to bankruptcy.

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In addition to the animals that were there and the attractions, its gardens were adorned with statues of all kinds, true works of art that can now be obtained for a whopping 2.5 million dollars.

As reported by Noble Art Lovers, the website where collectors from around the world expose what they are looking for and what they sell, there is a package of 28 pieces taken from Michael Jackson’s ranch that are now in the possession of a private collector.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch “Bubbles” statue

Noble Art Lovers

The statues, which are not sold separately, are of all kinds. A great majority of them are figures of children like “The soccer player”, “Bubbles”, where we see a girl blowing soap bubbles, or “Young boy in company”.

Others are historical statues such as the “Roman marble bust” or the image of “Napoleon crossing the Alps” where the conqueror is seen performing such a feat. To all this we must add other figures such as one of Marilyn Monroe, another of Minnie Mouse or some statues of Cupid.

As Noble Art Lovers explains, the collector who treasures them is from Dubai and is interested in selling the entire collection of works of art in one package. It so happens that just next month Michael Jackson’s sister, Janet Jackson, will hold an auction for the first time where more than 1,000 personal items will be included.