5 things you might not know about this music legend

Several moments in his life made him a myth, but undoubtedly his ability to play the guitar broke barriers and marked generations, even beyond his death, leaving the name of Jimi Hendrix in the hearts of music lovers.

Born on November 27, 1942 as Johnny Allen Hendrix, His love for music began at an early age, but took shape when his father gave him his first guitar at age 15, seeing so much passion in him that the following year he gave him his first electric guitar: a Supro Ozark 1560S.

His career did not last many years, but shocked humanity for his unmatched skill and originality. He died at the early age of 27 years entering the mythical Club, another factor more than takes it to the level of legend to this day.

Because it continues to be a great reference and we remember it with affectionate affection, now We tell you some curiosities that perhaps you did not know about Jimi Hendrix.

1. The uniformed Hendrix

When Jimi was born, his father Al was in Europe as part of the North American allied army, in the middle of World War II, so his mother Lucille took care of him until his return in 1945, when the war that shook the The world came to a relatively close end.

His parents divorced and Jimi left with Al, who raised him and encouraged his musical side, but also his fascination with the military. In 1959 he dropped out of high school and enlisted as part of The Screaming Eagles’ 101st Airborne Division.

He served as a paratrooper for several months, until in his 26th jump he had a broken ankle that forced him to leave the regiment, thus beginning his musical life when he was just 18 years old.

2. The day Jimi Hendrix killed God

Seeking to find his place in music and live up to his great idols, at the end of September 1966 Jimi decided to travel with musician and producer Chas Chandler – who in those years was a bassist for The Animals – with the promise that he would be introduced to Eric Clapton.

Hendrix set foot on British soil on the morning of September 24 of that year and after 48 hours in England he had the opportunity to be at a Cream gig, taking the stage to improvise with Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and “Slow Hand”.

In those years Clapton was considered a true God of the guitar, until on the stage this North American interpreted the Cream repertoire and performed some really innovative and amazing solos, which left his idol in the background. He killed God, man! He killed Clapton! ”, Was heard in the place.

3. The performance that launched him to fame


It was 1967 and The Jimi Hendrix Experience had released their first album Are You Experienced?, which reached number 5 in the North American charts and number 2 in Great Britain, being surpassed only by the mythical Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The Beatles no longer performed live shows, since they started the last period of the band only recording in the studio. The Monterey Pop Festival in its version of that year expected to have the Liverpool quartet, but it was Paul McCartney himself who gave the explanations.

Thus the bassist, when asked by a new reference, gave them the name of Hendrix who was finally invited to the event. On that occasion, the guitarist did not miss the opportunity and conquered everyone with his psychedelic clothes and his unique way of playing.

4. The anthem at Woodstock


Although he had a military past and if it had not been for the broken ankle, we might be telling another story, or simply not telling anything, his position in the face of the war was concrete and hard since the mid-1960s, when he harshly criticized the action American in the Cold War.

This is how in 1969, when he had to perform at Woodstock, he decided to make one of the most remembered versions of the United States anthem, including crazy distortions to simulate the noise of war that his country was mercilessly spreading around the world.

Some described him as anti-American, while others admired his way of protesting, having music as his great ally, at that moment in which he faced the public and showed his point of view with his guitar.

5. The death of a legend

There are many theories about the death of the musician, since he was murdered by his girlfriend Monika Dannemann, there is also the version that includes the manager of the record company who, fearful of the end of the contract, preferred to get rid of him or even talk that the great powers Governments preferred him dead.

But what is detailed in the reports is that on the night of September 17, after a party, he went to his Notting Hill apartment with his partner with whom he spent the night. In order to fall asleep, Hendrix took some of his girlfriend’s sleeping pills … but he overdid it.

Nine pills were found inside him, more than twenty times more than a person can bear, dying at dawn on September 18 from suffocation caused by his own vomit. Beyond whether the official version is the real one or not, the concrete thing is that that day in 1970 left us one of the greatest legends in the history of music.