AC / DC will enchant you with their vibrant video for the song “Witch’s Spell”

Nothing like some nice guitars courtesy of AC / DC to lift your spirits. The legendary hard rock band is still in the ring after the release of their latest album a few months ago, so it was time to give fans a new video.

This Wednesday, Angus Young and company uncovered one more official clip for their videography. Is about “Witch’s Spell” and as the song’s title suggests, the group will enchant you once more with that powerful musical essence lifelong.

Brian Johnson in the video for “Witch’s Spell.” Photo: YT Capture

AC / DC shows us the new video for “Witch’s Spell”

Much is said out there that “Rock is dead” and various things like that. But we can say that I was just waiting for you AC / DC will detonate it again. The band had been absent for a long time – about six years since they released Rock Or Bust– and it was precisely in 2020 when they broke the long break with a new album.

Last November, the group led by Angus Young y Brian Johnson He launched Power Up, an album that came to lift the spirits of rock lovers of yesteryear. Will there be a tour soon? Well, now that concerts and festivals are being scheduled around the world, hope is there, but of course the group has the last word. Mind you, Johnson appears to be in good shape to return to the stage even though he was hearing impaired a few years ago.

AC / DC will enchant you with its vibrant video for the song "Witch's Spell"

Angus Young in the video for “Witch’s Spell.” Photo: YT Capture

We say the latter because recently the singer went up to sing “Back In Black” with Foo Fighters at a benefit concert and it showed quite well. So that possibility is latent. And well, while that happens, AC / DC continues to excite us with the occasional special release such as their most recent video for the song. “Witch’s Spell”.

The band shows us some references to tarot, crystal balls, magic and spells in an entertaining video full of animation that -literally- will enchant you with its always vibrant music. Here we leave you the official video so you can take a look.

Interview with Angus Young and Brian Johnson

We recently had the opportunity to chat with AC / DC’s Angus Young and Brian Johnson about their new album. Power Up is the first material that the band recorded without the presence of Malcolm Young due to his unfortunate passing, but in this talk, both the guitarist and the vocalist told us that despite this, its vibe was felt in each riff and in the tracks that make up the material. Here we leave the interview.