Adam Uličný’s Christmas song “The Right One” is not the right one at all. Quite the contrary

Does the name Adam Uličný mean anything to you? Not much to me either, but the internet helped, so I found out that this native of Ostrava has already had success abroad. This year, he won the prestigious Award Winner at the Phoenix Shorts International Festival in Canada for his original musical work “Mountain Symphony” inspired by Beskydy Pustevny and Mount Radhošť. Maybe this award also gave him courage, so he decided to record his first Christmas song this year. It is well known that Christmas attracts many performers every year, who are trying to feed a little on these holidays and even gain more popularity. Some of them have succeeded in the past – for example, Michael Bublé has sold over sixteen million copies of his Christmas album, and has even exceeded four billion in streams. Unfortunately, some will create something that the listeners not only do not need and do not want to hear from them, but in which you feel calculus and cramps from the first tone. And this is exactly the case with Adam Uličný and his song “Pravá”. The caption of the clip is already quite confusing – it claims that it is feat. with model Andrea Verešová. And, world, wonder, she just plays there, but she doesn’t sing. The reason for this mystification is clear. When you enter her name in a search engine (and this probably happens much more often than in the case of Adam), a link to a video or (often paid) articles about him will pop up. Well, every click counts these days, right? But back to the song. Let’s skip the taunts for type rhymes “The tree rings, the bell rings” or “Snow behind the windows, a little dream” and infinitely stupid to embarrassing “Lááá lááá lááá láá” and let’s focus on the clip. Although I understand that there was not much snow this year, but if you use foam instead, you should have enough to last it for at least two shots – both the one outside and the one when the beloved man brings a tree. to the apartment door. But there’s more nonsense in the picture. After the guest Andrea Verešová gives both of them a HANDSCAPE steak on a plate, the lovers eat and look into each other’s eyes during the sparkling wine, gifts are given. And Adam? He made it up. She dedicates her chosen one to Swiss collagen (ie two), which the model promotes on her social networks, and on top of that, her own perfume, Aver. And also a dog who, when he was locked in a box, God blessed. Maybe I’m wrong, but if I gave collagen to a woman around me, she would probably understand that she is getting older and everything is not what it was years ago. And if I design a perfume myself or I’m his face, I probably have a drawer full of them at home and I definitely don’t want to receive it under the Christmas tree as a gift. And I would probably rather close the clip. But I recommend looking to the end, because the attempt at a romantic scene, where they both don’t even take off their shoes in bed, is worth it. And as for Adam, I would recommend that I focus primarily on what he really does. When you listen to his instrumental compositions, it is very pleasant to listen to. It’s much worse when he tries to be a lyricist and sings. And the worst thing is when he sings: “Lááá lááá lááá láá …”