Adele offers overwhelming testimonies and breathtaking vocal performances on the divorce album “30”

The most painful and listener-intensive – this is the expected fourth studio play by fans and critics of British wonders. For six years of waiting for the record “30”, the singer rewards us with personal lyrics and singing moments, from which she holds her breath and holds her heart. This is Adele in top form.

Songs like “Someone Like You”, “Rolling In The Deep” or “When We Were Young” with a typically accommodating adelovským you will not find the manuscript on the novelty. That is, except for the record-breaking single “Easy On Me”, which seems to be basically the only bet on security.

Although Adele is surrounded by mostly the same collaborators, led by Greg Kurstin, this time he really takes risks and goes to the market with his skin. At the same time, risk takes various forms in its presentation – it is dark maxmartinovská hit “Can I Get It” with a country rhythm and surprisingly light whistling or the song “Cry Your Heart Out”. Unnaturally modified vocals stop in it. “Why does a singer with such a beautifully rich voice need something like that?” you ask. But such a question is out of place for the London native, the best-selling performer of the third millennium. Adele could easily release twelve songs of her usual romantic-nostalgic style, and the charts would shake to their foundations. After all, her recent television special on CBS was comparable to the Oscars, such is the phenomenon of musicians. None calculating calculus therefore, she has no logic in her case, she can only annoy her faithful listeners with it. Nevertheless, it is still true that her songs work the most when she heartily opens a window in them to her wounded soul and squeezes emotions. This time, however, she moved her grief to a new level – she left the model of conservatively built melodies and goes more for rawness, after intensively capturing what is really going on in it. After all, she no longer sings about fleeting first loves, but about divorce – a process in which the world has literally collapsed and which opens up the most basic questions in people.

Against the background of the gloomy song “My Little Love” he talks to his son Angel. “Mom’s been experiencing a lot of strong emotions lately,” she explains to him in an apparently authentic recording made while she was going through a split marriage. Later, you can even hear him crying sharply. You would definitely not expect such an intimate moment on the record of the most successful pop artist of today. You feel almost guilty about becoming part of something so private. The best is hidden in the second half of the tracklist. The material from the seventh to the twelfth song is perfect, decimal. Here you will find the song “I Drink Wine”, the work of Elton John and Bernie Taupine inspired by the anthem about the search for joy in life. “When I was a kid, I was amazed by every little thing, I sucked it all in for fun. The only thing I suck up now is wine.” Goosebumps and the first of the album’s vocal highlights.

The following “All Night Parking” is jazz, a virtual collaboration with the legendary pianist Erroll Garner, who died in 1977. “Woman Like Me” hypnotizes with a gloomy guitar line and enchanting depths and “Hold On” turns like a boiling soul a ballad in which the knee’s knees break from the singer’s cracked voice. However, it is only a harbinger of a captivating final. The concentrated rupture of “To Be Loved,” a nearly seven-minute minimalist piano confession, penetrates deep into the bone. And finally, we have a majestic film loop in “Love Is A Game”, a song that says that “love is a game for fools” a “what a cruel thing it is to cause suffering to oneself”. The author still knows she will do it again, though “now he loves himself”.

“30” is a bold achievement of the artist, who this time really gives everything. Helplessness, doubts, sadness, remorse and hope – and the best singing performances of his career. Therefore, you can easily forgive her for one padding piece “Oh My God” from the first part of the board. Adele thirty she stepped out of her comfort zone and overcame her own high bar. Her unique position in the music industry will remain unshakable.