“Africa” ​​anticipates the new album by the singer-songwriter, “V”

Africa is the new single from Mannarino, surprise released on July 23, 2021. The song anticipates the artist’s album, V, whose release is scheduled for September 17. The disc (Polydor/Universal Music Italia) is however already available in pre-order and pre-save.

Africa is written by Mannarino; and is produced by the same Mannarino, Joey Waronker e Iacopo Brail Sinigaglia. Sounds of nature, epic choirs, tribal rhythms, electronic genesis, indigenous colors tell of a magical and powerful woman through whom we find our own birth and that of mankind.

The piece is the reference to a mysterious and liberating irrationality, represented by a magical and powerful African woman. “Flower, cave, panther, black water”Are words that become images of beauty, strength, protection, life, while dancing a primordial, epic and future dance.

Africa anticipates some themes of the forthcoming album. Nature, patriarchy, animism, femininity, man-woman relationship are some of the topics present in V. The record promises to be the most political and visionary record work of Mannarino, in which love, the irrational and a magical sense of life become real tools for the decolonization of thought and human resistance.


Africa by mannarino, the text

Text: Alessandro Mannarino – Music: Alessandro Mannarino, Iacopo Sinigaglia

Volcano woman man
The woman turned

Flower, cave, panther, black water
Flower, cave, panther, black water
Let me enter Africa
There is too much logic out here

Let’s leave it to the music
I know you’re not that angelic
There is a barbarian invasion
In your galactic dance

The wind of stars bears fruit
When the mystique is physical
The moon is full
On the world

Life trembles
Inside you
A river in flood
In your back

There is a solar system
Of vertebrae and sea.
Let me enter Africa
Dancing is a political move

Darkness has a poetic sight
We are in a harmonic orbit
In your elliptical soul
There is a source of music
Covered in cosmic dust
We are going to be born in Africa