Agnes on “Magic Still Exists” conjured a first-class pop with a strong message

It took almost a decade before Agnes decided to record a new record. However, the wait was worth it – her fifth studio work offers uncompromising production, great lyrics and playfulness, which pop is sometimes desperately lacking. “Magic Still Exists” is one of the genre albums of the past year.


Agnes – Magic Still Exists

Released: 22.10.2021
Total time: 35:01

Tracks: Spiritual Awakening, XX, 24 Hours, Freedom, Here Comes The Night, Love And Appreciation, The Soul Has No Gender, Selfmade, Fingers Crossed, Free Your Mind And Free Your Body, Magic Still Exists

Publisher: Universal

In 2008, it flew on the radio with the hit “Release Me”, but no further commercial successes occurred. At least outside Sweden. In pop, it might seem like a red card, which even a solid “Veritas” board didn’t put back in his pocket. For the next nine years, Agnes kept her fans waiting for a miracle. And it finally came to pass: “Magic Still Exists” is such a great record that it is hardly believed that after so many years of silence, it managed to materialize at all.

Musically, the recording returns to the popular genre of 70’s and 80’s disco. However, unlike the last line from Kylie Minogue, Agnes does not sound calculating, compared to Jessie Ware, she looks less cold. The melodies (“24 Hours”, “Selfmade” or “XX”), futu-retro productions and the lyrics themselves are excellent. The 1920s are a period of expressing support, belonging, accepting otherness. This is exactly what Agnes Carlsson celebrates. A type call occurs “souls do not know gender”, “We all need love, appreciation and recognition” or “Free your mind and your body for the freedom to become who you want”. Taken out of context, this may seem like another woke agitator, but the truth is that the believability and pure musical joy that comes from songs will safely dispel any doubts. The performer, for her passion, vocal talent and refined musical taste, will believe everything to the last word, to the last beat.

“Magic Still Exists” is one of those rare albums where none of the tracklist items can be marked as redundant. The perfectly started dance recording will slow down at the very end with a famous title track, which combines the motifs used in the previous ones, and thus concludes the story of self-acceptance and love. According to the singer, this can be found all around – even on the dance floor, which you will leave last, because you can’t get enough of life despite your loneliness. And when Agnes sings that she still believes in magic, you will believe with her.