Alexandre Orion Illuminated by Musicians at the “UNI” Show

UNI it’s not a show like the others. Instead of getting a conventional gallery or museum, it is exhibited in three São Paulo subway stations (República, Luz and Alto do Ipiranga). The works that comprise it are also unique, as the artist Alexander Orion subverted the idea of ​​conventional portraits made in photography.

In them, different personalities posed in interactions with a luminous silhouette in the center of the frame. This is the only light source in the photos, different from the “norm” of the light points behind the camera and in the background of the subject. “UNI portrays the human through a single silhouette of light, a collective aura that equals us by illuminating our diversity. It’s not just a portrait. It is the record of an existence, of everything that we represent, of everything that we positively transform in the world”, says Orion.

The personalities he chose to perpetuate with the luminous silhouette are three musicians whose works echo these ideals of diversity and representation: Rico Dalasam, Larissa Light e Creole. To find out more about the exhibition and the artist’s work, the Pave Music he exchanged a few words with Alexandre Orion – whose origins in urban art also justifies the choice of the subway for the exhibition. Every day, millions of people share that public space and, now, they can appreciate and also recognize themselves a little in the artist’s work.

Música Pavê: How was the choice of the musicians to make up the exhibition? What is your relationship to the sound they make?

Alexander Orion: Criolo is a genius brother. A guy with so much geography, life and friends in common. It was the first portrayed in this series. All musicians in this first edition of UNI represent the flow from the periphery to the center. Music always anticipates this movement, has this ability to cross walls. I hope culture in general will follow this flow.

MP: Light is also a metaphor for ideas, inspiration and creativity. How much these artists you light up?

Orion: André, I am enlightened by art. No wonder that this gloomy government that we have today systematically attacks culture and the arts. It’s because art is really liberating. Culture feeds the soul and expands the spirit. I’m inspired by music, literature, cinema, all forms of art, not necessarily the one in which I work. In fact, Art is only one, there wouldn’t be cinema if it weren’t for literature, there wouldn’t be photography if it weren’t for painting. Light is not just inspiration, it is that aura, that vital energy that transforms the world, that directs humanity to lighter, more loving, more fraternal steps. The artists portrayed here are just some of the great agents of this change that is being built.

MP: What is it like to portray people in such a playful way in an age of selfies?

Orion: I always liked the review. From critical thinking. But, in this moment that we are living, the critic is emptied. As valid as it is, in the face of so much smokescreen and false information, it has lost the ability to bring about real change. In this scenario, I made this choice: I want to portray people, show how beautiful they are, highlight what they do well, what they can inspire in a good way.

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