Anastasio Assurdo is the title of the new single to be released on January 14th

Anastasio Absurd is the title of the new single from the winning rapper X Factor to be released on radio and digital platforms on Friday 14 January.

First successful rapper launched by the home talent show Sky, Anastasio he was also the latest winner of the program to achieve good success.

After his triumph in 2018 they have indeed arrived Sofia makebene, in 2019, and Casadilego, in 2020. Both young artists to date have not released an album but only single with meager results.

Casadilego currently working on the set, she will make her debut as an actress in My summer soul from Fabio I give up.

And then in 2021 there is Baltimore. For him, unlike the runner-up gIANAMARIA (started well with the singles, with a tour in the clubs sold out in a few days and with an album released this week), it is still early to understand if he will be able to obtain good results.

So it is not wrong to say that to date Anastasio is the latest successful winner of X Factor.


After the win in the program Anastasio achieved double platinum status for single sales The end of the world and the gold record for those of the ep of the same name.

In 2020 the stage debut of Sanremo with Red with anger, a song that did not convince the public and critics unlike the previous songs. His album Act zero, arrived just a week before the pandemic broke out and failed to take off in sales debuting at # 10 on the chart FIMI.

Two years of silence followed as the rapper himself explained in an interview with The Republic

I felt saturated and a bit repetitive, now I feel I have arrived at a solid style… a new maturity in writing: before I was a river of words, now I aim to reduce them with the challenge of maintaining effectiveness.

Now it’s time for new music. On September 14th the new single titled Absurd. The song anticipates the disc to be released in 2022, a project defined by Anastasio as a more mature project.

These are the words posted on social networks …

Dear audience, I hope you are well, I am happy because my fast is over. Absurd.

The album is ready even if at the moment it doesn’t have a release date yet.

Cover artwork by FreshRucola