Arcade Fire! We list 15 trivia and spoilers about WE,

On the eve of promoting Reflector on the planet’s stages in 2014, the Arcade Fire flirted with a status he didn’t aspire to achieve on his record debut the previous decade.

In a profile written by on the pages of Rolling Stonethe journalist questioned readers with a certain dose of irreverence: Josh Eells“Can Arcade Fire become the biggest band in the world?”

Even not reaching the ambitious level, the combo guided by the couple Win Butler e Regine Chassagne extrapolated the limits of the indie scene – and handily.

Since then, the world has not only spun, but flipped for Canadians. Five years after presenting Everything Now – the fifth in the discography – the group now faces profound transformations at its core, but without losing its traditional creative and activist essence.

Despite losing one of his foundations, the multi-instrumentalist and composer, Will ButlerArcade Fire is getting ready to reveal to critics and fans an album with a title that couldn’t be more antagonistic: WEwhich includes appearances by the already strayed and youngest of the Butlers in the repertoire.

Below, you can check out a series of delicious news and curiosities about the career and new work of the collective founded in Montreal and Quebec – and which was once sponsored by none other than David Bowie.

More than 365 days before the scheduled release of WeArcade Fire stunned fans and critics alike with the offbeat “Memories of the Age of Anxiety” – a 45-minute instrumental composition released exclusively on the meditation app Headspace.

As we examine WE’s tracklist, we can safely say that “Memories of the Age of Anxiety” has faced severe metamorphosis and editing, as well as gaining lyrics. Tracks 1 and 2 of the album are, respectively, “Age Of Anxiety I” and “Age Of Anxiety II (Rabbit Hole)”.

Those who attended the charity events for Ukraine at the Tolouse Theater in New Orleans, on March 13th and 14th, were treated to the respective live versions of “Age Of Anxiety” Check it out here:

Two days after releasing “The Lightning”, Arcade Fire played both versions of the single at the Bowery Ballroom on March 19 in New York.

One more preview of We debuted live before its official debut: “Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)”. Here you can enjoy the debut performance at the Coachella festival on April 15th.

“Unconditional II (Race and Religion)” adds weight to WE’s recordings: the British icon, Peter Gabriel. The original vocalist of Genesis lends his talent in the vocals of the second song version, thus rescuing his admiration for Canadians. In 2010, Gabriel included in the tracklist of Scratch my Back his version of “My Body Is a Cage”, released by Arcade Fire in Neon Bible.

Renowned for its established partnership with Radiohead & associates, another Briton – Nigel Godrich – divides production credits into WE. The record was recorded and mixed at various locations between 2019 and 2021: New Orleans, El Paso, and Mount Desert Island,

About “The Lightining”, Win Butler highlighted the desolate Texas landscape as the birthplace of his recording in the studio.

“It was recorded with Nigel Godrich in El Paso, Texas, in the shadows of the wall on the border with Mexico,” Butler pointed out. “It was at the height of the Covid crisis – and El Paso was at the epicenter of the pandemic in the US. They used prisons to house the bodies because the morgues were full and the healthcare system was completely overwhelmed,” he revealed.

The ‘presidential elections’ theme also dominated the WE production environment. Win Butler recalls: “I will never forget when we finished the final version of The Lightning. We went to our outdoor communal space where we watched the results on TV and saw that Trump had lost the election.”

“The Lightning I, II” brings with it several influences that Arcade Fire absorbed in almost two decades on the road. The single’s vocals were inspired by the voices of Haitian refugees, while the song’s verses bring “the optimism of my son (8-year-old Edwin) living in paradise under a polluted sky,” according to Win Butler.

“The Lightining I,II” was turned into a music video by the hands of director Emily Kai Bock, who resumes her partnership with Arcade Fire after her award-winning work on “Afterlife”, from the album Reflektor, winner of the UK Music Video Awards as Best Alternative Video. International.

Book devourers, Arcade Fire named their sixth album WE, borrowed from the fictional work written by Russian Yevgeny Zamyatin between 1920 and 1921. The book presents the reader with a society carved to perfection, but controlled by oppressive leaders, inspired by by the protagonists of the Russian Revolution of 1917, experienced firsthand by Zamyatin himself. We (literally translated in Brazil as “We”) served as the inspiration for George Orwell to compose his masterpiece “1984”.

WE represents the final stretch (at least, for now) of Will Butler as a member of Arcade Fire. His departure announcement was confirmed on his official Twitter account.

“I left Arcade Fire late last year after completing the new album,” Will revealed. “There was no other reason than to have changed – and for the band to have changed in the last 20 years. It’s time for new things. I’m working on a new record and the score for a play by David Adjmi”, concluded the thread.

Close to turning 40 (William Pierce Butler’s birthday is October 6), the now ex-Arcade Fire has already given birth to three solo albums: Policy (2015), Friday Night (2016) and Generations (2020)

We couldn’t finish the story without rescuing David Bowie in the Arcade Fire story. In 2005, Chameleon told Rolling Stone: “I’m the last one to have an answer (about the band’s future). But if I have to predict anything, I say they will be giants in Europe and the UK, just as Hendrix and the Pixies, predicted. “This is quite common with the more adventurous North American bands. America will be left behind for six months or a year and then it will co-opt them”.

Though humble, Bowie’s prediction came true. After Funeral debuted only at No. 123 on the Billboard charts in 2004, the successor Neon Bible would soon occupy No. 2 on the US charts in 2007.

Claudio Dirani

Claudio D.Dirani is a journalist with over 25 years on the stage and author of MASTERS: Paul McCartney in albums and songs and Na Rota da BR-U2.