Barack Obama said he usually listens to a Nicki Nicole song

When it seems that the artists of the Argentine urban movement they managed to reach the peak of success, a new fact shows that they can still grow more. And it is that not only are they heard by millions of people every day, but also the most important political leaders in the world listen to them. As is the case with Barack Obama, who featured Nicki Nicole on his playlist.

In the United States it is summer and the former president of that country decided to share with his followers a list of his favorite topics. “There is much to celebrate and many families will be reunited after months of estrangement. Here are some songs I’ve heard in the last few weeks, ”Obama wrote. In that playlist, Obama included the song She is not yours Rochy RD, Myke Towers and Rosario singer Nicky Nicole. “Thank you very much Barack Obama“The Argentine responded when she learned that the topic is one of the most listened to by the former president today.

On Obama’s list there are also songs by Rihanna, Jay-Z, Bruno Mars, Bob Dylan y Drake, among others. “There is a mixture of classical artists with some emerging and several that are in the middle,” said the former president to his followers.

This was the presentation of Nicki Nicole on the Jimmy Fallon show

Nicki Nicole and her entry into the United States

It is no coincidence that Barack Obama hears the issue She is not yours because some time ago it became popular in the United States. Nicki Nicole herself sang it in el show de Jimmy Fallon, one of the most popular conductors on international TV, and since then his listening has become widespread in that country.

According to data from Spotify, urban music genres such as reggaeton and trap they have millions of views in the United States. In addition, music in Spanish is gaining more and more popularity in that country. Just to mention one example, it was Jimmy Fallon who asked to have Nicki Nicole on his show because he is a fan of Latin American music.

But Fallon is not alone in proving this. A few days after Nicki Nicole’s presentation, Argentine Nathy Peluso also sang on an American television show. In your case, was convened by Stephen Colbert, another of the conductors that is seen by millions of spectators in that country.