Blind Giaime Triste meaning and text of the first single as a couple

Blind Giaime Sad meaning and text of the finalist’s new single in the latest edition of X Factor paired with the rapper teammate in Sony Music Italy.

It comes out this Friday, July 30, per Epic Records Italy/Sony Music Italy Sad the new single from BLIND & GIAIME produced by SIXPM. The two artists have decided to combine the sounds of a summer song with words full of disappointment and pain for a love story that has recently ended.

Blind Giaime Sad meaning

The first to talk about the song is Blind …

Sad it was born shortly after the end of X Factor but I felt that the song was still missing something and, since I liked Giaime a lot but didn’t know him, I tried to play it and he liked it a lot.

He then wrote the verse and we went to the studio together to finish it. From there a great friendship was also born!

These instead are the words of Giaime:

The song with Blind was a new experience for me, I had never collaborated with a guy who came out of a talent like X Factor and who among other things during the talent itself had already won a Gold Disc!

Looking at the program I had already noticed it and when I received the request for collaboration I was very intrigued. Working together we created a very right vibe, which you can’t breathe with all the artists: there was a great feeling right away and we had fun in the studio. The chorus was already set by him, I left my verse and tried to make a contribution where I could: we like the result very much!

Blind is fresh from the publication of Promise me, a piece that saw him duet alongside two exceptional guests, Gue Pequeno e Nicola Siciliano. The song surpassed 1,500,000 streams.

The latest publication by Giaimeinstead, it is his second studio album, Son, which boasts five featuring with some of the most popular artists of the Italian rap scene (Guè Pequeno, Jake La Furia, Rose Villain, Rosa Chemical and Chadia Rodriguez).

Blind Giaime Triste text

Coming July 30th