Borges What is the video preview of the debut single for

Today on All Music Italia we present an exclusive preview of the video of the new single from Borges, What is it for, which sees the dancer, singer and choreographer as the director Emanuel Lo.

What is it for is already available on all digital platforms for T-Recs Music / Pirames International. Here’s how the artist himself talks about it:

Some songs know how to move personal chords. They make you look in the mirror to lead you to reflections you didn’t know how to see. It happened to me with this song.

I felt it inside like a whirlwind, it ruffled my heart and made me enter my labyrinth. I found new releases, new torments but above all new hopes.

I’ve always loved mazes. We are continually inside labyrinths in our life. We go out and in, chased and freed from our own demons. The way out for me was the music, it was she who showed me the way“.

The reference of Simone Coppi, this is the real name of Borges, it is just a Jorge Luis Borges, poet, essayist, narrator and philosopher among the highest exponents of South American literature, an artist with a style rich in literary inspirations and fantastic appearances.

And so in the stories, in which a clear and clear plot is never determined, Borges leads the reader into an enigmatic, seductive dimension: a labyrinth of illusory digressions, implications where correspondence and confusion make something take shape that is only delineated over time, by reading and interpreting.

The concepts that are repeated are those of time, eternity and memory, sometimes seen as inextricable tangles and others as boulders.

BORGES WHAT IT’S FOR VIDEO and director’s statement

The video was shot by Emanuel Lo per Visionaries Lab who tells it like this:

I chose to tell Simone’s song with various characters who leave the emotions he sings in the video.

Simone was the center of these characters and gave himself completely, a different singer in singing and writing and perfectly balancing what he feels inside with what is outside.“.

Borges What is video clip for

Credits Video

Production: Visionarilab
Direction and Editing: Emanuel Lo
Direction of Photography and Color: Diego Buonanno
Assistant director: Silvio Tufanari
Photography assistance: Lorenzo Lecci and Valerio Bellavia
Electrician: Diego Roffo
Make-up: Claudia Lipari
Makeup assistant: Francesca Scippa
Location: Soul Garage
Our savior: Giampaolo Tabacchi
Extras: Kimberly Margani, Emanuele Battista, Letizia Arcudi, David Coni, Melissa Ramirez, Illy Bandeira, Luna Tavasso, Anna Mancini

We know Borges better

Simone Coppi at 4 he starts playing the piano and at 7 he approaches singing.

Over the years he has had the opportunity to collaborate with several professors and then meet at the age of 12 Luca Velletri that will accompany you for many years. At the same time he was admitted to the “Alessandro Manzoni” high school in Latina, where he was able to cultivate the discipline of cultured music.

From then on, countless competitions for Italy and charity concerts and a tour that touches Naples, Ortona, Asti, Viterbo, Rome and many other Italian cities.

In June 2015 he was chosen in Treviso by a jury and then on the initiative of the soprano Cristina Franzin, as second choir on the occasion of the Traviata. At 15 he was selected by the Maestro Leonardo de Amicis and participates in the latest edition of I leave you a song conducted by Antonella Clerici.

In the meantime he has the opportunity to stage some musicals such as “West side story”, “Notre Dame de Paris”, “Beauty and the beast” in the “Anfiteatro academy” school.

To accompany the artistic figure of Borges the actress also contributed Gallant Light, with which he was able to experiment and deepen the art of acting. In 2019 he enrolled in the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Sapienza choosing the course “Literature, music and show”.

What is it for, out in July 2021, is her first official single.