Cesare Cremonini Colibrì text and meaning of the 1st extract from the new album

Cesare Cremonini Hummingbird text that speaks of the fulfillment of a prophecy, in the meaning almost a work of science fiction, according to the words of the singer-songwriter who with this song anticipates the release of the new album of unreleased songs, The girl of the future.

The single will be released onDecember 1 per Virgin Records / Universal Music Italia.

Cesare Cremonini Hummingbird meaning

This new piece confirms the artistic freedom and quality of the music of Cesare Cremonini, an artist who likes to move within that very personal range of action that allows him to take the rules, learn them and then bend them to his own inspiration, in a continuous challenge to the song form.

The image of the hummingbird, which in many cultures represents the love of life, courage and perseverance, accompanies the voice of Cesare in the passage, creating verses describing a girl, a symbol of virginity and rediscovered purity, who reaches a metropolis of the present guided by her flight.

Here is how Cesare himself tells it:

Hummingbird speaks of the adversity of a prophecy. In this sense, for me, it is a science fiction work more than a song about current events, a musical experience linked to the entire album, more than a simple hit. It expresses itself with a polite and imaginative language because it is in the gentleness of the poem that I identify my idea of ​​the future.

For this reason I chose Hummingbird as the gateway to the new project. My first page of a journey into tomorrow that begins today.

In the song I don’t explain what happened as a reporter would do, but what I felt was imminent. I interpret the feeling that sees us all waiting for something, for a stroke of luck. The mystery of creation, sacred and inexplicable to me, is the only answer that can be given to the overwhelming power of machines and technology.

During the worst months of the pandemic, I felt deeply that music today has a very specific and more important role.

The cover image of The girl of the future represents for me a new concept of man and nature. It is in childhood, in the ability of the youngest to see a new world, in the purity of feelings expressed in nature, that I found the inspiration for the whole new project.

Hummingbird it was produced entirely by the duo Cesare Cremonini / Alessandro Magnanini, which had already worked together on all previous albums. The writing is the fruit of the fruitful collaboration of Cesare with his historic collaborator and artist Davide Petrella.

The song was recorded in Bologna, Los Angeles and London. The strings were arranged by Nick Ingman, and embellished by the intervention of Davide Rossi, and were recorded in the studies of Abbey Road in London.

A beautiful friendship was born with Davide Rossi, whom I met in Bologna during the summer, which allowed me to experiment more easily and give vent to all my creativity in string arrangements, one of my great musical passions.

I believe more and more in artistic collaborations between different experiences, including human ones, but I prefer musical ones to singing ones. I think that to find a common idea of ​​society we too, artists of pop music, which for me is one of the most powerful forms of communication of our times, it is useful to combine different musical styles and ideas.

Hummingbird it was born when I started to imagine the beauty and freedom, which today seems to be missing but which is certainly in my mind.

THE GIRL OF THE FUTURE, the new album

The girl of the future is the seventh studio album by Cesare Cremonini.

In over 20 years of career, Cesare Cremonini released 6 albums as a solo artist, one as the band’s frontman Lunapop with the disc … Know? (the best-selling debut album ever for a band in the history of Italian music), 3 greatest hits, 2 live albums and an autobiography, Let Them Talk – Every song is a story.

His latest tour, including 4 shows in the largest Italian stadiums in 2018 and a leg in the main arenas in 2019, totaled over 330,000 spectators.

Cesare Cremonini will return live in the summer of 2022 with “Cremonini Stadiums 2022“, who the date.

The new disc will be released on February 25, 2022 and will be available for pre-order from 1 December 2021. Here to follow the cover.

Cesare Cremonini The girl of the future

Cesare Cremonini Hummingbird text and audio

Coming December 1st

Cover photo of the article by Andrea Sestito