Cesare Cremonini The girl of the future text and meaning of the single

Cesare Cremonini The girl of the future text in the form of a dreamy dialogue between the singer-songwriter and the future for the new extract from the album to be released on February 25, 2022 for Virgin Records/Universal Music Italia.

The second song from the album is the one that also gives it the title. After Hummingbird Cesare chooses to cast the January 19 The girl of the future, the manifesto of the highly anticipated new album of unreleased tracks.


As we said at the beginning, the song is a dreamy and imaginative dialogue between Cesare and the future, between his time and that of the new generations, interpreted by a young and persuasive girl, towards whom, through a text constructed in two stages like a film, the author and the producer of the song seem to feel a strong sense of expectation but also of protection and tenderness.

In the text, this time he immerses himself in a reflection on the role of the new generations in our society, on man’s need for organized illusions, on the voracity of our society that devours these illusions, transforming them into communication slogans, and does so to the rhythm of a song. with a seventies flavor characterized by a very captivating bass riff, with an immediate grip, accompanied by the drums of the legendary musician and producer Steve Jordan.

Here’s how the songwriter tells the song …

When this song was born I realized that I had also found the new album, or rather its center of gravity, because “The girl of the future” landed on the keyboard of the piano like a sailing ship and immediately became the central figure of my painting. For this reason I could not treat this song as a simple single of my career but I gave it the responsibility of the title of the new project.

If “Colibrì” told the genesis, now, “The girl of the future” reveals the face of the album, which has a profound message, a thread that binds each song to the next through a research on our lost feelings.

In this song I sing a future that I feel pervaded by femininity, youth, sensuality, courage, freedom, but which I also feel in some way that I want to protect with all my strength.

“The girl of the future” could be the moving song of a father to a daughter, of a brother to a sister, of a friend to a friend. The message he wants to leave is that in the chaos we live the greatest act of courage is to accept life for what it is, leaving free to go and live this time, albeit frightening, who we love more than ourselves.

The song contains images of great restlessness and strength but at the same time it is a light and radio song that invites us to live the present by dancing on its ruins, loving freely, leaving behind the fears of our time to go towards every possible emotion. We have nothing more to lose in this regard.

The song was produced by the same Cesare Cremonini together with the musician and producer Alessandro Magnanini. The authors of the song are Cesare Cremonini e Davide Petrella, historical collaborator of Cesare.

The singer-songwriter is expected as a super guest at the 72nd edition of the Sanremo Festival and will return live in the summer of 2022 with “Cremonini Stadiums 2022.


Coming January 19th