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The second edition of our week’s highlights column follows the very high standard of Music Non Stop quality. It also follows the guideline of absolute freedom of references, styles, locations and moralities. Next, you will discover music from the north, northeast, electronic, rock, psychedelic, Latin, sung by artists of talent and courage.

I strongly recommend!

Highlight of highlights: Claudia Manzo and BaianaSystem

musical syncretism

Paulada the new sound that the Chilean Claudia Manzo e BaianaSystem present, mixing sacred music, African rhythms, guitars and Latinities. The video is pure art, directed by claudia chavez e Marcelo Pinheiro. Lots of references together, well glued, well chosen. Good system this Bahia!! And Claudia’s voice is awesome!

Yan Niklas – Humanity EP

Electric arpeggios direct from Amapá

the record company MEMNTGN, dos Capslockos L_cio e Paulo Fabric, sent us this excellent EP by Yan Niklas, an artist from Pará who is a fan of powerful arpeggios sent from the woods (at least that’s what the samples of the soundscape of the songs suggest). The release has three tracks, very well built, well based on electro. worth checking out

Terno Rei – Youth Days

Youth of the 90s, let it be clear

king suit played the video of 1979, do Smashing Pumpkings, plus the footprint of Kids, an iconic film about the American 90s generation, in the blender and presents the resulting visual juice in Youth Days. Kids meeting, skateboard on foot, cigarette in hand, firefighter in the bottle, party at the friend’s house, junkie food and joke at dawn.

The Broken Hearts Band – Colorless

love is pale

Hard not to devote affectionate attention to a band that has “Broken Hearts” in its name. The Sergipe quintet led by the sweet voice and delicate accent of Diana Velozo introduce us to the song Colorless, which talks about the mismatches of love. Heartbroken people. A kitch take, the one our parents listened to while filling their tails with whiskey at dawn in the bars on Av. São João.

Canopy and Silvia Machete

Cha Cha Cha!!!!!

In the same vein as the previous ballad is this release of Canopy and Silvia Machete. But this one combines the ambience of the low street red-light houses with a David Lynch-like psychological mystery. Music from those who know what they are doing. Good to hear, good to dance close to.

Conde Favela – Themes for Times of War

Old acquaintances of the newsroom with new record

It’s not today that we talk about the Count Favela. With ten years on the road, the band is at its peak and the release of the great Wartime Themes is proof of that. It has jazz, it has afrobeat, it has that independent film soundtrack Bill Murray but, above all, he has a lot of talent and competence.

Listen soon!

El Negro – You Danced

Electro Rock peace face that impresses

I gave a simple little jump in my chair when the bass of You Danced in, right after the intro of the song. Since then, the sound has only gotten better. Fun, dancing, with the coolest trappings of electronic music in the genre we call “indie dance”. Funny. Quite amusing.

Marô – Madame da Night

What the fuck!

There’s no way to leave out a Brazilian R&B column whose lyrics have verses like “A minha foda foi foda”, among many others full of street slang in the 20’s. noblest of this musical genre. I think about how much slutty this song is going to pack from now on.

Jota Wagner

Jota Wagner has been writing, disco and partying in Brazil and Europe since the early 1990s. He is currently editor-in-chief of Music Non Stop and cultural producer at Agência 55. He contributed, using his ears, feet or hands, to aurora of Brazilian electronic music.