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Extremely successful Estonian band Trad.Attack! has been transforming the view of folklore for many years. The now well-known trio has gone a step further and invited ten leading European musicians and DJs to reshape the look of Trad.Attack! Among them are three Czech names, the electronic duo Brothers, producer and DJ Kewu and multi-instrumentalist and composer Omnion. Trad.Attack! are one of the most important Estonian bands in recent years. It is based on Estonian folklore and folk songs, to which they add a rock drive and translate them into modern musical language. After the release of their debut album in 2015, they became rock stars in Estonia within a few days, and concerts around the world were not long in coming. Their latest album, on which they are increasingly experimenting with harder guitar sound as well as electronics, was shortlisted for the Grammy. The idea to create a remix album came up after a debate among themselves: “During the discussions about music and the business around it, we finally got to the point where we were addressing how to reach new goals, which we think is the audience in music. We were looking for a way to reach people who haven’t heard our music yet and for various reasons. they probably wouldn’t have heard it at all. That’s why we were thinking about new channels through which we could send our music more widely into the world. “ explains the original idea behind the album “Trad.Attack! Remixed”. From the Czech Republic, Trad.Attack decided to address three names across the electronic scene with an offer of cooperation. The brothers, Kewu and Omnion, had a free hand in choosing the song for the remix, and each of them chose a unique song and approach. The brothers chose the single “Lell’o” from 2018: “Trad.Attack! They have a lot of original sound and it works very well for them! But working on a remix is ​​always quite a challenge. We liked the guitar motif that carries the whole song ‘Lell’o’. We turned it into a synth version and added one more bigger motive, “ The Brothers are discussing their remix. Omnion, on the other hand, chose the song “Vanamees” from the latest album “Make Your Move !. “At first I forbade myself to be distracted because I have my hands full with my own projects now … But then it didn’t work out for me, I listened to a few songs while driving, and Vanamees immediately bit me in the head and it wasn’t For the original material, I recorded grooves for Indian tabla and Arabian frame drums and used a great bagpipe part from ‘Miks te ei laula’, so these are actually two remixes in one, “ depicts a musician based in Prague. Producer Chow’s choice fell on the song “Pass-pass”: “I chose ‘Pass-pass’ because I really enjoyed the vocal part combined with the guitar riffs and immediately inspired me to the rhythm I came up with for the remix.”

Before the New Year, they released Trad.Attack! the first three swallows involving DJs from Estonia and Ukraine. The entire album will be released on February 11 and will contain a total of fifteen remixes. Trad.Attack! to appear at the Prague concert, which is now being prepared.


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Czechs remix Trad.Attack!