Darkness or neon lights? The intoxicating 80’s visions of Carpenter Brut await Prague

Aggressive beats, neon synthwave and junk eight horror movies. The mysterious French musician behind the Carpenter Brut project draws precisely from this unconventional and frantic combination. It will be presented at the Roxy Club in Prague on October 15, 2022, tickets (CZK 690) are currently on sale at Fource.cz and in the GoOut and Ticketmaster networks. Carpenter Brut began releasing music in 2013, and his mysterious recordings quickly gained attention on the French electronic scene. The local media began to liken him to musicians like Justice, Danger or Perturbator. Such a mysterious project gained its fans both on the metal scene and the electronic one. The turning point in his career came in 2015 with his debut album “Trilogy”, at the same time he also decided to form a concert band and go on his first tour. He showed his love for metal, glam rock, heroic choruses and never-ending guitar solos only on the album “Leather Teeth” from 2018. Kristoffer Rygg from Ulver and Mat McNerney from Grave Pleasures and Hexvessel also took part in the recording. The album was the soundtrack to a fictional film trilogy about a shy teenager who joined a glam metal band on tour, and in two darker sequels, the protagonist Bret Halford became a mass murderer who settled accounts with all the people who had bullied him before. Carpenter Brut will present in Prague the bloody sequel to this recording called “Leather Terror”, but also the last recording of “Blood Machine” from 2020, which accompanies the film of the same name by director Seth Ickerman, with whom Carpenter Brut has previously collaborated on visuals. After four years and more than a hundred concerts as part of the Leather Patrol Tour, in which the Prague Acropolis Palace also sold out, the French producer and his concert band are now returning to the stages.