Davide Van De Sfroos Oh Lord Vaarda Gio is the new single with Zucchero

Davide Van De Sfroos Oh Lord, Vaarda Gio is the new single from the songwriter’s album out on September 17 per BMG / MYNINA. And in this passage By From Sfroos he will not be alone, but accompanied by a great artist … Sugar.

A very precious collaboration for a powerful, profound, at times mystical piece: Davide Van De Sfroos e Sugar Sugar Fornaciari they unite the voices in a single prayer in the individual Oh Lord, Vaarda Gio, available on radio and on all digital platforms from Friday September 3.

This new song comes later The Lost, a light-hearted tribute to the literature of its territory. This time the “storyteller in music” returns this time paired with the lord of the Italian blues, in an intimate single that anticipates the new album of unreleased MAADER FOLK.

Davide Van De Sfroos Oh Lord, Vaarda Gio

Produced by Taketo Gohara, the single is a solemn prayer with gospel sounds, a ballad with a powerful message in which the warm voices of From the Sfroos e Sugar Sugar Fornaciari they amalgamate until they merge into a heartfelt request for protection from those who watch over us from up there.

In a historical period dominated by uncertainty, by difficulties and by the infinite misunderstandings among men, artists are the spokespersons of that slice of the world still confident in a radical and salvific change.

Here’s how he tells it Davide Van De Sfroos:

OH LORD, VAARDA GIO is a song that has long been waiting to come out of the drawer, to be arranged, set to music and sung. The moment came right during the lockdown, when everyone needed a vaguely spiritual and mystical song more than ever.

Given the structure of the chorus, with this ‘Oh Lord, please tell me’, Zucchero immediately came to mind. And he, in addition to accepting, did more: he sang in his dialect, which he does not usually do, giving the piece unprecedented nuances“.

The song arrives just on the eve of the last stage of the lucky one DAVIDE EI DE SFROOS TOUR 2021, the big closing party at Carroponte of Milan scheduled for Saturday 4 September.