Dirty Old Dogs christens the album in the building just before its demolition

Dirty Old Dogs will baptize their third album “Let’s Burn Heaven Again” on Wednesday, October 27, at the former Olomouc gallows in the Fort Galgenberg complex. The recording, which was released digitally in May this year, is now also being released on vinyl by Indies Scope. The band remains faithful to the central theme of the concept album on purification by fire and extinction even during the production of the concert. The industrial hall, which is the venue of the musical event, is intended for demolition at the end of October. Visitors to the baptism in the nineteenth-century fortress can also enjoy an exhibition of photographs by Marek Kolařík documenting the group’s development or a screening of video clips related to the album’s story. The event is part of the Site Specific Olomouc project.

“The journey of the record itself was long for us, and in order for its story to end properly, we wanted to honor the album with a ritual in a unique place. The fact that we don’t fit into every club trained our creativity. It was adrenaline “Šibeniční vrch literally breathes stories. Everything we tried to tell with the album, the continuity of origin and extinction, everything fulfills the place.” says band frontman Tomm Prochazka. A gloomy recording about the art of painful farewells, even if it concerns beautiful things, has so far been accompanied by two retro-tuned video clips. Fans will be the first to watch the bonus third video for the song “Personal Darkness” directly at the event. As with the visualization of the first single “One Day”, the author of the clip is the band’s frontman.

“Vinyl is not just a fetish for us, but it symbolizes integrity and confirms the feeling that we have created a real record. Ondra Hruška from GrafickéPapíry.cz added a new dimension of sensory perception to the whole project. We added a olfactory trace. smoked with fire so that fans who buy vinyl will amplify the story of the album with the aroma of fire, which permeates the entire concept of the recording, describes Prochazka. The event will take place within the Site Specific Olomouc project of the Air Force zs association and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the State Fund for Culture of the Czech Republic, the Olomouc Region and the Statutory City of Olomouc.