Ditonellapiaga, awaiting the debut in Sanremo 2022, announces his album “Camouflage”

ditonellapiaga reveals the first details on his album, the disc that precedes his participation in the 72nd edition of Sanremo Festival paired with Donatella Rector.

Anticipated by the single I never lose you, Camouflage, this is the title of the album, will be released digitally on January 14, 2022 per Discs Belli / BMG Italy.

In February the CD and vinyl version will arrive with the addition of the song presented at the Festival with Rector. The album follows the two EPs Morsi and its electronic variant of the author, Morsi remix.

Camouflage is presented as the perfect self-portrait of an artist able to take on the role of an urban icon, a femme fatale from a film noir but also a girl next door. Dyou smell songs that constitute a kaleidoscope of emotions, loves, memories, fears and insecurities, dreams and aspirations, disappointments and rebirths.

Many, at the time of the announcement of the big names in the race, wondered who he was ditonellapiaga. Let’s get to know her better …


Margherita Carducci, in art ditonellapiaga was born in Rome in 1997.

Over the years he becomes the protagonist of the Roman club circuit dedicated to jam sessions, where he discovers soul, nu soul and jazz. Thanks to the meeting with the duo of Roman producers bbrod, in 2019, focuses on her eclecticism and versatility, both as an author and as a singer, and today she naturally ranges from raw and acid electronic sounds to the softer and more harmonious ones of a pop with an international breath.

In September 2019 he released his first single You speak.

October 2020 marks the debut with Discs Belli / BMG Italy with For an hour of love, cover of the iconic song by Matia Bazaar played under the strobe lights of a club (recently featured on the film’s soundtrack Dog years, available on Prime Video).

A December 2020 his first single of this new course is out, Morphina, which tackles the theme of pleasure explicitly but with style, elegance and above all an overwhelming rhythm.

A February 2021 it is the turn of Waste of Potential an intimate song, with a refrain difficult to forget that sings the end of an unfinished love and approaches ditonellapiaga to the indie pop territories.

Furthermore, its urban sounds accompany the scenes relating to the creation of the two works by the internationally renowned street artist Tvboy in Travel Notes. The film, the documentary that tells the songs of Francesco Guccini.

The April 23 he’s out Morsi, his first EP that collects the two anticipation singles, three brand new tracks and a remix of Populous. Almost three months later the EP was released Morsi Remix with the intervention of some of the most sophisticated and elegant interpreters of the new electronic scene: Bawrut, Whitemary, Forest e Lorenzo BTW, in addition to the same Populous.

Meanwhile, he signed up for Magellano Concerts and spent the summer touring the entire Peninsula.

In autumn 2021 ditonellapiaga she entered, as the second Italian female artist, in Breakthrough from Amazon Music, the program of the Seattle giant that promotes the most interesting artists of the new music scene internationally.

The 24 november the single was out I never lose you written with Lightning.


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