Dossel Inaugurates New Phase with the track “Deixa”, in partnership with Silvia Machete

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Roberto Barrucho is a dating artist. “The work tends to grow. I like to have this shared vision”. His sensitive look to music and human relationships are a hallmark of his solo project Canopy, which is reflected in the compositions and partnerships promoted by the musician and composer from Rio de Janeiro. In conversation with the Pave Music, he talks about his latest release, He leaves, in partnership with Silvia Machete and the production of her next album.

Two years after her lauded debut album, hearing voices, the musician reflects on his work as an artist and the reception of this first work: “I am very happy when I see that music is being heard in South Africa, in Europe, in remote places. You say damn, how can something I did here, for my people, is reverberating. That for the independent artist is very cool, in addition to greater recognition and money”.

His newest track, composed by Lizandra Silva and produced by the musician himself and Jonas Sá, talks about “fluidity, freedom, desire and delivery”. “Music is born in the partnership, right? Lisandra’s lyrics were, well, very straight away. It’s something you hit and say ‘damn’. From the lyrics, the first melody came and I followed the flow, I recorded the first idea on my cell phone, which later only got better contours, ambiance, the bigger arrangement. But the song itself, lyrics and music, were born like this (snap fingers)”. About the partnership, the singer comments: “I didn’t know her personally, but her work was something I’ve heard for a long time, even her figure, the energy she transmits and everything else. And then she accepted, like that, without hearing how the melody was sung. I was so ’tilde’ that I just sent the music and lyrics. And also, in addition to being shy, I wanted her to create together”. But, for the musician, “icing on the cake” was Joana Queiroz’s Clarone: “The music gained even more an element that I consider immersive, which helps to create the atmosphere. , contributed a lot”.

The last works of the musician were crossed by the pandemic. Their first album was released six months before everything stopped and their last singles were all produced during this period. “For creativity, to have energy available to do things… not necessarily beautiful, but that are profound and that you want that to reach the other, the pandemic is still crossing us, it is still a moment of great seclusion”. About the new track, he comments, “it’s a little happier in the ‘dancing’ sense, but it also has its human and relational issues there. In the other singles, you can see that there is something denser, more nocturnal, that there is already in the first work, but I think that if it wasn’t for the pandemic, I would have gone somewhere else.”

With a career that is just beginning, Dossel has a very sensitive eye for independent music production and has been building within his journey a space of greater diversity and opportunity for other artists: “I come from this place of peripheral independent cultural production and this is in a a very delicate place, which public policies are not able to meet. So there’s a whole context where people need to be able to pay the rent, have money to make the month’s market and help their parents many times, anyway, these guys that I try to bring along, you know? With my project I can bring them to enjoy it too. I’m trying to create a scenario that is more favorable for everyone involved.” This is also part of what he has been learning since he began his solo career: “I came to understand that this role of the artist requires a series of professionals involved, a series of processes and everything else for that to actually reach and reach people”.

His next album, which should arrive in the first half of 2022, already has three singles that give us the atmosphere of this new work, in which Barrucho works on the reflections of this moment of seclusion and search for self-care. “I always bring that from looking at each other, from integrating ourselves into our shadow, which are the things that we deny, that we want to throw under the rug, but that are also part of us. So, sometimes it gets a little hazy, but now I think I’m on my way to closing this second job.”

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