Dua Lipa and Jickson took the lead in the Czech rankings

It hasn’t been here for a long time – both the radio and album charts announce a new number one. While Coldplay stayed at the top of the album list for only one week and were replaced on the throne by rapper Jickson, we experienced a change of lead on the air for the first time since August. Ed Sheeran’s domination was ruthlessly cut off by Duo Lipa.

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RADIO – Few singers have done as professionally in recent years as she has. Dua Lipa has been supplying world charts with hits from the album “Future Nostalgia” for the second season, which most recently proves the primacy of the single “Love Again” on our airwaves. He rose to the front in his fourteenth week. Let us remind you that last year and this year the Czech playwrights also played a lot of pieces such as “Don’t Start Now”, “Physical” or “Break My Heart” – they all looked at the podium. Ed Sheeran cleared the top position after eleven long rounds – and just as his expected new record “=” came out. It will undoubtedly hit the album charts next week. In addition to the currently silver song “Bad Habits”, there is also another single “Shivers” in the top 100, which moved to fifteen in its fourth week. The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber jumped to the bronze medal, reaching a new maximum with “Stay”. On the other hand, the Imagine Dragons are being ordered from the top three for the time being, “Wrecked” is falling from second to fourth place. The five remained in the possession of the group Jelen, their song “Another One Night” still dominates the parallel ranking of domestic hits. Adele got into the top ten very quickly. The British diva debuted last year with “Easy On Me” as the thirty-fifth, but now she is heading for the eight. Olivia Rodrigo also recorded her best result so far with “Good 4 U”, in the ninth week the eighteen-year-old singer symbolically reached the number nine. All six innovations were included in the second half of the 100th place. The best of them did the one from Kryštof – the ballad “I’m sinking into the sky”, which starts on the fifty-eighth line. Charli XCX sent “Good Ones”, a tasting from the upcoming new studio “Crash”, to the 63rd position. Becky Hill belongs to the 80’s thanks to “My Heart Goes (La Di Da)”, followed by Andy Cermak with “Dark Blue Sky” in 59th place. The remaining two new pieces are pushed into the ladder with scratched ears, the Swedish House Mafia is ninety-eighth with “Lifetime” and Adam Ďurica and Emma Drobná remind us of “Our Sins” one position lower.

Top 10 CR – radios:

  1. ▲ Dua Lipa – Love Again
  2. ▼ Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits
  3. ▲ The Kid Laroi feat. Justin Bieber – Stay
  4. ▼ Imagine Dragons – Wrecked
  5. ▬ Deer – One more night
  6. ▬ Marek Ztracený – Moje milá
  7. ▲ Becky Hill & David Guetta – Remember
  8. ▲ Adele – Easy On Me
  9. ▲ Olivia Rodrigo – Good 4 U
  10. ▲ Mirai – I’m calling

Jickson - Obsidian
© Million +

ALBA – After the last championship, Coldplay with “Music Of The Spheres” dropped to eight. They imitated the actions of the band Kryštof, which he had met with “Halywůd” a week earlier, even from number one to ten – she has now defended it. The leading positions were once again conquered by domestic rappers. At the top was Jickson, another of the faces, especially with the youth of the popular label Milion +. Although representatives of this genre generally enjoy success mainly on streaming platforms, in the case of the “Obsidian” album, a physical CD is also worth noting. The front side of the cover is made by a special printing technology, thanks to which the appearance of the cover changes according to the angle of view. The rap performers took up four places in the top five. Nik Tendo scores on the duo with “I’m fine, I’m fucked here.” and Viktor Sheen placed on the four and five with the long-time blockbusters “Colors” and “Black and White World”. Vladimír Mišík also remained on the medal in his fifth week. It seemed that the musician, which will be awarded the six “Angel I Will Meet” album from 2019, would find it difficult to follow up, but “Night Image” has so far completely dispelled these fears – both in terms of commercial interest and enthusiastic reviews. Due to the fact that we are approaching the pre-Christmas period, this time the list of news is rich. At nineteen, listeners sent Zaz with the title “Isa”, which also includes a surprising collaboration with Till Lindemann from Rammstein. However, due to the popularity of the French artist among the Czech audience, we would expect the recording to be a bit higher. The pro-metal Dream Theater settled with “A View From The Top Of The World” in 27th place, followed by three more hot pieces in the top ten. Lana Del Rey started with her thirty-fourth with her second studio studio this year “Blue Banisters”, followed by Elton John with “The Lockdown Sessions”. Duran Duran took the number thirty-nine thanks to “Future Past”. The time of the last of the news, which has squeezed into the upper half of the order, will probably come in full only in the coming weeks. The compilation “Golden Christmas Hits” offers festive compositions by domestic artists. Karel Gott, Lucie Bílá, Hana Zagorová, Martin Chodúr, 4 Tenoři, Eva Pilarová or Waldemar Matuška contributed a bit to the mill.

Top 10 – white:

  1. N Jickson – Obsidian
  2. ▬ Nik Tendo – I’m fine, I’m fucked.
  3. ▬ Vladimír Mišík – Noční obraz
  4. ▬ Viktor Sheen – Colors
  5. ▲ Viktor Sheen – Black and White World
  6. ▲ Olivia Rodrigo – Sour
  7. ▲ Lil Nas X – Montero
  8. ▼ Coldplay – Music Of The Spheres
  9. ▲ Imagine Dragons – Mercury – Act 1
  10. ▬ Kryštof – Halywůd

The complete radio and sales charts for the 43rd week can be found on the IFPI website here.