Dutch Nazari is the Italian artist who makes you dance but also reflect

Dutch Nazari returned to the scene with the single Choirs from deckchairs, which officially anticipates the new album which will come out for Undamento.

The rapper, born in 1989, unveils the project with a single, come Foreword in Poor Love e Calm the waves in Europe asks us.
Choirs from deckchairs is the opening track of the new work of Dutch Nazari, a piece that serves as a manifesto of his artistic return. To production Sicket (who arranged and produced the entire Dutch Nazari discography) e Peppe Petrelli.

Cover by Stefano Adamo

Choirs from deckchairs is a song that opens the disc and anticipates themes and emotions. The gaze passes from the detail to the general picture without solution of continuity (for example, from the “future” as the next weekend, to the “future” as an imminent climate disaster), in a collective ritual between the writer and the listener. As if to get carried away before diving into the complete album together, ”he says Dutch Nazari.

We find his typical melancholy irony also in this new single. The text, through the metrics and puns that have always characterized the pen of Dutch, rests on an instrumental with an eclectic and rhythmic electronic sound. The atmosphere of Choirs from deckchairs it is suspended and dreamy.
The themes range seamlessly from personal to political issues, from individual to social issues, from precise images to abstract considerations.

The video clip of Choirs from deckchairs

The video clip, directed by Alberto Rubino, is a single piano sequence in the middle of the desert.
Dutch Nazari e Sicket they are seated on two deckchairs, while an apocalyptic scenario develops behind them. Against a background that portrays the ruins of a city destroyed by war, the protagonists move between plastic bottles and food delivery. Then the drone takes off, the shot widens and we discover that the two are in the desert dunes.