Ed Sheeran and La 100 give you a smartphone with bluetooth headphones

Ed Sheeran and La 100 give you a smartphone with bluetooth headphones

Can you imagine listening to Ed Sheeran’s new Bad Habits, with the best technology and sound? At La 100 we make it happen. Because we have for you a latest generation smartphone, and you take it with a super practical bluetooth headset to accompany you everywhere.

You will be able to listen to all your favorite music, be connected whenever you need it and in a comfortable and practical way. What do you have to do to make the smartphone with bluetooth headphones yours? Very easy. Fill out the form above and tell us why it should be for you. It’s that easy and you’re one step closer to taking this great gift.

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Bad Habits, the new Ed Sheeran

Bad Habits is Ed Sheeran’s new thing and you enjoy it on La 100

The wait is over. After his announced break to dedicate himself to his family, Ed Sheeran presented his new single and began to pave the way for what will be his new album. And surprised. “Bad Habits” found it, as Sheeran himself declared in an interview with La 100, trying something different, changing the musical direction in relation to the sounds he had us used to.

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The transformation came to the video of the subject as well. There, the Briton becomes a vampire, representing what for many are bad habits. “I wanted the clip to play with the nature of habit in a fantastic way, so I settled on vampires,” Sheeran recounted.

Thus, with glitter and custom fangs, the cover letter of his next fifth studio album appears, after No. 6 Collaborations Project 2019. Meanwhile we continue to enjoy “Bad Habits” in various versions, as Ed Sheeran introduced his acoustic version.

In just a few hours, the new version became a success, surpassing one million views. And not only that, but almost at the same time, the release of “Permission to Dance” was known, the new BTS, authored by Ed Sheeran.