FANTASANREMO: Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The Unpredictable Game That Involves Artists And Fans Of The Sanremo Festival

After the success of the 2021 edition, which made more than 50 thousand teams play, the Fanta sanremo.

The only and inimitable game that concerns the Festivàl of the Italian Song, in no time, it became a real one mass phenomenon.
Thanks to a brilliant and fun regulation, the community is constantly expanding.

Participate in the we will fantasize it is very easy

By creating a personal account on the official website of Fanta sanremo, each player will be able to compose his own team, which will represent him during the evening of Festival.

Each player has a budget of 100 at their disposal Enjoy, the official currency of Fanta sanremo, to be spent to “virtually buy” 5 competing artists and appoint one of them as captain.

During all the evenings from 1st to 5th February live fromAriston, each artist earns bonus points or loses malus points based on what happens, the actions he performs from the first minute of the Festivàl of Sanremo until the end of the last evening (everything that happens before and after the Festivàl will not be counted).

A singer can earn, for example, a bonus of 10 points if he is presented by a guest of the event. Conversely, he can lose 50 malus points if technical problems occur during the performance.

The official regulation of the Fanta sanremo it’s irreverent. Is situated Who on the official website and includes the complete list of crucial actions to earn or lose points.
The captain will be essential in the final evening, because his bonuses and penalties will be doubled.

There are also private leagues, which are leagues that can only be accessed via a CodeID. It is the best way to create a personalized tournament between friends, family or colleagues.

WE AT ALL MUSIC ITALIA we have created our league and we invite you to join it. To do this, after registering and creating your team, click on JOIN A LEAGUE and paste this code: jfrxZaE782PlA21kwdvn you will join your team directly in the team of All Music Italia!

we will fantasize – the fantaquotazioni 2022

The Fantaquotazioni: at the moment the duo is in pole position Mahmood + White (with a value of 35 Enjoy), followed by Achille Lauro (32 Enjoy) ed Elisa (28 Enjoy).

The Baudo obviously it is a virtual currency and the bonus and malus counts are automatic. The game is all completely free… in exchange you can follow the Fanta sanremo, deservedly, on his social pages.

A beautiful Italian example of gamification

The Fanta sanremo was born in the Marche by eight enthusiasts of Festival, which in 2019 was established in Microscopic Jury and expresses its evaluations on performance.
In 2020 the purpose is to repeat the experience, but in a more engaging way. The FIF commission (Italian Federation of FantaSanremo), which draws up the ingenious regulation.

Thus was born the Fanta sanremo and the rest is done by good old word of mouth, which brings about fifty requests to participate for the first official edition. The week of the event, the players are finally all together at the Bar Corva da Papalina of Porto Sant’Elpidio.
A bar considered today a sacred place of worship, especially in view of what would have happened at the end of February 2020.

In 2021 the success of the general public arrives: the official website and the possibility are born for anyone to sign up for free.
The pandemic prevented them from meeting, but the fantagiuoco united everyone.

It is possible to register the team by Monday 31 January 2022 at 23.59 on