Fifth edition of WME Conference discusses women in the music industry

A WME Conference, a platform dedicated to women in the music industry reaches its 5th edition this Friday, June 18th and runs until the 20th.

For this year, The WME Conference event won the tag Unreal, the official sponsor Heineken and will have the participation of 135 women from the music market in virtual spaces of content and business, brought together through augmented reality and other technologies. The shows are up to the band Of yours, of the singer Ana Cañas and the godmother Fernanda Abreu.

Fernanda Abreu is the godmother of this 5th edition of the WME Conference Unreal. Photo by Alexandre Calladinni

Created by Claudia Assef and Monique Dardenne in 2017, the WME Conference this year will feature concerts, panels and workshops, as well as news such as Masterclasses, Band Pitch and Business Roundtables, broadcast live directly from Casa Natura Musical, in Sao Paulo. The conference takes place between June 18th and 20th and tickets are already available at Sympla for R﹩70 (valid for the entire program).

This year, the WME Conference won the tag Unreal and 135 women from the music market will participate in virtual content and business spaces, brought together through interactions by augmented reality and other technologies. In the list of confirmed for the event are Preta Gil, Duda Beat, Pitty, Eliane Dias, Jadsa, Tuyo band, Ana Canãs, Katumirim, Paula Lima, Raquel Virgínia (As Baías), Sarah Oliveira, Alana Leguth (Hervolution/Kondzilla), Fátima Pissara (Mynd/Music2!) , Fabiane Pereira, Ana Frango Elétrico, Brisa Flow, Fabi Lian, Malka Julieta, Lalai Persson, Janara Lopes, Ana Garcia, Fabiana Batistela, Kamilla Fialho, Dani Rodrigues, Paula Abreu, Ana Morena, Sara Loiola, Jaqueline Fernandes, Luciana Simões, Renata Simões, Renné Chalu, Luiza Borges, Francesca Alterio, Carol De Amar, Daianne Dias, Laura Lopes, Luna Ferreira, Aíla, Flávia Cesar, Elisa Eisenlohr, Gali Garófalo, Ivanna Tolotti, Cris Falcão, Renata Gomes, Mona Gadelha, Rhaissa Bittar , Marisa Menezes, Fabiana Lian, Eli Moura, Amanda Chang, Neriê Bento, Vivi Duarte, among others to be announced.

As every year, the Conference makes a special panel on the life and work of its godmother, in a 1h30 interview conducted by Claudia Assef. The godmother of this edition is the singer from Rio de Janeiro Fernanda Abreu, who in 2020 completed 30 years of solo career. will be with Fernanda and band the closing show of this WME Conference Unreal.

Claudia Assef and Monique Dardenne, creators of WME

This year, the Heineken is a master sponsor and, in addition to presenting the conference, is also the official beer and continues to support the platform WME until the award, WME Awards, in December. TNT Energy Drink continues as the official energy drink for the third consecutive year, in addition, the brand will sign content and broadcast Friday’s shows (Katú Mirim e yours band) on their official platforms. Other supporters of this fifth edition of WME Conference are: CD Baby, Ingrooves, UBC and, which will showcase experiences within the lounge WME. Ballantine’s, official whiskey and supporter of the event, signs a panel on authenticity in music, in addition to signing the electronic music party of WME Conference, which takes place on Saturday (19), from 10 pm, inside the Twitch, on the collective channel Uh! Manas TV. A Casa Natura Musical, where the panels and shows for the three days of the conference will be held, also entered as a supporting house. For more information, access:

Check the schedule of WME Conference Unreal

Friday (06/18)

panel 01
2pm-3pm: Enterprising Artists: The pandemic has challenged artists to launch projects beyond the stage.
Guests: Pitty, Raquel Virgínia and Paula Lima
Mediator: Preta Gil

Panel 02
2:30 pm-3:30 pm: Surviving the Pandemic: How Career Managers Are Going Through the Covid-19 Crisis Without Face-to-face Events
Guests: Eliane Dias, Kamilla Fialho and Tânia Artur
Mediator: Daniela Rodrigues

Panel 03
3:30 pm-4:30 pm: Kondzilla introduces Hervolution: the women’s funk revolution is real and we need to talk about it
Guests: Fernanda Souza, Juliana Bragança and Tamiris Coutinho
Mediator: Alana Leguth

Panel 04
4pm-5pm: Vaccine, cabins, hybrid events. What the future holds for face-to-face music festivals
Guests: Juliana Ribeiro (Rock in Rio), Luciana Simões (Festival BR 135) and Carol de Amar (Festival Sarará)
Mediator: Ciça Pereira

Panel 05
5 pm-6pm: to be confirmed


TNT Energy Drink apresenta
18h30-19h30: Show Katú Mirim
20h30-21h30: Tuyo band show

Panel 06
5:30pm-6:30pm: How to make money with music in 2021? Market professionals talk about platforms and tools to monetize your music
Guests: Dani Ribas, Silvanny Sivuca and Flavia Cesar
Mediator: Cris Falcão

Panel 07
19h-20h: Relentless robots! Is it possible to legalize music for the live market under current legislation?
Guests: Michaela Portela, Elizabeth Levy and Giulia Perin
Mediator: Guta Braga

(2pm to 3pm)
(3pm to 4pm)
(4pm to 5pm)
(5pm to 6pm)

(2:30 pm to 3:30 pm)
(4pm to 5pm)
(5:30 pm to 6:30 pm)

18h-18h30: Pitch de bandas
17h-18h: Business Round

Saturday (06/19)

panel 08
1:30 pm-2:30 pm: Ballantine’s presents Stay True: we put a magnifying glass on the connection between authenticity in music and brand sponsorship
Guests: Vanessa Brandão (to be confirmed), Letícia Nunes (to be confirmed) and Patrícia Cardoso
Mediator: Luana Ribeiro

Panel 10
3pm-4pm: Positive legacies of the pandemic: meetings at Zoom, less travel, technological advances. What else?
Guests: Katú Mirim, Mônica Brandão
Mediator: Fabiane Pereira

Panel 11
3pm-4pm: Cryptocurrencies for all! Insertion in the digital currency market and some truths about the fever of the moment, NFTs
Guests: Janara Lopes, Anne Chang
Mediadora: Negligent Persson

Panel 12
16h30-18h: Q&A com Fernanda Abreu
Mediator: Clau Assef

Panel 13
16:30-17:30: Does Brazil have no music producers? The brand new generation proves exactly the opposite!
Guests: Ana Frango Elétrico, Jadsa and Vivian Kuczynski
Mediator: Isabela Yu

Panel 14
18h-19h: Discography: Duda Beat talks about her recently released albums
Guests: Duda Beat
Mediator: Sarah Oliveira

Panel 15
7:30pm-8:30pm: TNT Energy Drink presents Metaverse is Agora: Virtual reality, augmented reality, gamification. how festivals and events are entering the digital world today
Guests: Roberta Carvalho, Ana Garcia and Koral Alvarenga
Mediator: Renata Simões


18h30-19h30: Show Jadsa
20h30-21h30: Show Ana Canãs
22h – 2h: Ballantine’s Apresenta Uhmanas & WME
With TataOgan, Carlu, Nahraujo, Luísa Viscardi and Mari Rossi.

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With Giulia Perin

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Introduction to Modular Synthesis
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Make it easy: outreach strategies, tips for social media and crisis management
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How to Prepare that Killer Pitch

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Making Copyright Management Uncomplicated in Covid’s Times

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One day, a track: an office journey with music producer Malka Julieta
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David Bowie, Madonna, Metallica. Stories and tricks of those who have lived from music for 30 years in Brazil
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Contemporary indigenous music: stereotypes of the past versus independent original production
With Breeze Flow

“Who are you in the bread line? A masterclass for you to take your plans off the paper and make it happen by building your personal and professional brand
With Vivi Duarte

4:30 pm-5:30 pm: Business Round

Sunday (06/20)

6:50 pm: DJ Tamy Reis
20h: Fernanda Abreu Show

Amanda Sousa

Amanda Sousa is a mother, feminist, is 30 years old and has a degree in Social Communication. Born in São Paulo, currently lives in Jundiaí. She is passionate about music since she understands people. From punk to pop, he likes to discover sounds in all aspects.