Four French Contemporary Bands by Excellence : Pavê Music

The country that gave us Phoenix, Daft Punk, M83 and Yelle, among many other names we like, continues to produce and export good music. Proof of this are these five bands that contacted the Pave Music recently, all French.

They show a contemporary and cosmopolitan France, which continues to participate in the global scene with inspired compositions, excellent productions and a great capacity to engage with music.

Now get to know some tips from excellent French bands, between synths and a lot of groove, for you to add to yours playlists.


In transit between trip hop and french house, this trio needs to go straight from here to their favorites list. With a night sound, dense and melancholy, it is a sure choice for fans of strongly synthesized music, which contrasts with the emotional and charismatic interpretation of the vocalist. Great.

Carole Cettolin

The Parisian singer-songwriter has been on the road for a while, previously known as Et Maxine, but now signing her releases under her own name. In her phase, she immerses herself in synth pop and delivers danceable tracks that don’t ignore her country’s chanson tradition. A five-track EP will be out soon.


Another great tip for synth fans, this brand new duo brings together friends Claire Deligny (from pop band Matchboxx) and Yul (producer and percussionist). Born out of confinement and working at a distance, the project has plenty of energy to make you dance alone at home. With two singles out, an EP is on its way.

Need Soft

To close the list, comes this duo formed by two twins from Val d’Oise who produce sounds that travel between a very fancy pop and the sensuality of a malleable guitar. It is less synthesized than the previous ones, but with a unique groove. Since their first EP, Take Me Away (2019), the duo continues to release several interesting singles, such as the wonderful W A V E S, his first song with vocals.