from Jovanotti’s post to “It was Gianni’s hand”

Case closed Gianni Morandi (see here and here) with non-disqualification by Amadeus and of Rai of the artist and the piece Open all doors from the Sanremo 2022 Festival, Jovanotti, the song’s lead author has finally had his say on social media.

Sanremo will be the second collaboration between the two artists after the release of the single this summer The joy. Following are the words published by Lorenzo

When yesterday morning I saw Gianni Morandi’s name light up on my cell phone, I answered and a cavernous voice told me “- Lorenzo we’re in trouble, I think I made a mess, I was wrong, I have this hand that when I use my cell phone confuses my keys … – And nothing, the rest many of you will have read around.

However, after a day and a night of hands in hair, it was resolved in the best way. It was an accident, Gianni is at the Sanremo Festival !!!! today we delivered the piece “Open all doors” to the record company, produced by the great Mousse T who gave a fantastic sound and Mr. Morandi sang it as he does.

All the musicians involved are exceptional and happy to play for a legend. Gianni in 2022 celebrates 60 years from his debut and 50 from his first Sanremo but it will still be a fantastic first time!

Gianni Morandi Sanremo 2022: the hashtag is born

Among the hashtags used at the end of the post by Jovanotti there is an ironic one that mentions a meme launched from the web after the Rai communicated the reasons for the non-disqualification. In fact, the image is associated with the hand of Gianni Morandi to the poster of the latest film by Paolo Sorrentino, It was the hand of God that becomes the hashtag # èstatalamanodigianni.

The image was created by @spera__ebbasta alias Marco, 29 year old Audience and Research Specialist.

Cover photo from Jovanotti’s social page