“From pain I give birth to my songs”

Kart public All right!, the new single that comes out on Friday 26 November on all digital platforms.
The piece is distributed exclusively by Altafonte Italy.

“We often believe that the presence of some people in our life is essential and then in reality they only bring havoc. This is why it is better to realize this as soon as possible and try first of all to feel good about yourself. To be happy you must first of all be happy inside “.

Kart he constructs this piece by placing the words at the center of the stage, with one catchphrase after another. As if shooting arrows from a bow. All right! has an enveloping production, but the voice of Kart it never comes to choke her.

The song deals with the topic of toxic relationships in a very direct, no-nonsense way. Carola tinelli – this is the real name of Kart – talks about self-discovery through various experiences. A path that each of us inevitably faces in life.

Who is Kart

Carola tinelli was born in 2003 and music has been part of her life since she was a child. As a young girl, she was bullied for her weight and having prominent dyslexia traits.
At 16 years old, Kart he starts writing his own lyrics as an outlet. Immediately those around her realize that the texts she writes are of an intellectual depth that is almost impossible to find in a contemporary woman.
Currently, Kart has a recording project under construction with the producer Valerio Tufo (which has important collaborations with Rhythm, Benji&Fede,..).
His first two singles are Dodgeball e A Film. The path is only at the beginning and will also include collaborations with other artists.

“Through the pain that some people have caused me that I have then pushed away, I have started writing lyrics as an escape valve and I have known a part of me that makes me feel good”.

“With my music I would like to be able to transmit strength and excite those who listen to me. I would like it to become my full-time occupation someday because at the moment it is the key to my happiness. “