gaffe of the Councilor for Tourism and Major Events of Rome

In recent days, once he learned that Rome was out of the game to host theEurovision 2022 (you see who), the network was filled with comments. From the disappointment of the Romans to the mockery of the Italians living in other cities. But it all got worse Veronica Tasciotti, Councilor for Sport, Tourism and Major Events of the capital.

Let’s start with what is the reason for the exclusion of the city by theEBU, the European Broadcasting Union which oversees the organization ofEurovision, or the lack of an adequate structure.

The Palazzetto dello Sport proposed by the administration in fact does not meet the requirements, written in black and white on the regulation, to be able to host the event. These include the ceiling which must be able to support pending loads but that of the Eur building is vaulted and therefore unsuitable.

The lack of an adequate structure has given Roman citizens much to reflect on the fact that, unlike other cities (see Turin), over the last few years Rome has stopped from this point of view.

A great disappointment also given the amount of people whoEurovision 2022 it will move from all over Europe towards Italy. See, among other things, under tourism.

It is also for this reason that the Councilor’s exit Tasciotti did so argue. But what were his exact words?

Eurovision: The words of the councilor

Veronica Tasciotti, from his personal profile on Facebook, decides to respond to the criticisms as follows:

And from today all experts of major events, of Eurovision that 90% of people do not even know what it is, of heights and loads of weights, of bid books and systems “.

We do not think there is much to comment but these words deserve some reflection.

To affirm that a manifestation like theEurovision, the largest musical event in the world, is unknown to 90% of people is really the comment of those who stick their nails to mirrors.

Apart from the fact that music is culture, even pop / rock, so even if it were true, it would be one more reason to want to host an event of this type in your city. The problem is that such a comment unfortunately reflects how the world of music and entertainment is perceived by many politicians.

It is no coincidence that this is one of the most penalized sectors before, during and after the lockdown. And a councilor for Sport, Tourism and, above all, Big Events, she should know this.

Returning to the focus, theEurovision last year it was followed by over 4.5 million viewers. This is an indisputable fact… the fact that Italy has not participated in it for years and that only in recent years has the demonstration been rediscovered by the Italians does not make it unknown.

Among other things, the Councilor should remember that last year they won the Moonlight, who are Romans, but above all perhaps we should tell her a very interesting story …

In the 1950s he was an Italian, Sergio Pugliese, playwright and journalist, to suggest, to create a sense of union at European level, to focus on a singing competition between the different European states, taking our model as a model Sanremo Festival.

The idea pleased the general manager of theA CHILD, Marcel Bezençon, and thus the Eurovision Song Contest was born. From the idea of ​​an Italian based on a 100% Italian musical event. There is little to post angry with emoticons crying with laughter. Sometimes it would be enough just to communicate your regret and think about improving.