Giordana Angi Passeggero meaning and lyrics of the new single

Giordana Angi Passenger meaning of the new single by the singer-songwriter, a song whose text focuses on the human being and his essence.

After the release of his latest album last May, I move, Giordana continues his path of sound experimentation. I move was anticipated by the single All right in featuring con Loredana Bertè while for the summer the song was launched Colorful butterflies.

In addition, a documentary was also released in streaming on YouTube titled Mi Muovo: history, an intimate and most authentic look possible on the creation and behind-the-scenes of the album.

Now, with a platinum record, two gold records and important collaborations as author for Titian Ferro, Alberto bear, Nina Zilli, Deddy e Alessandra Loving, Giordana is ready to come back with new music.

Giordana Angi Passenger meaning

The singer-songwriter will return to perform live also with two dates scheduled for next month: December 17, 2021 at the Magazzini Generali in Milan and December 19, 2021 at the Sin Studio in Rome.

In the meantime, it arrives on the radio and digital platforms on Friday 26 November Passenger, a track, with a Latin flavor, which represents the first taste of the new musical project on which the singer-songwriter is working and which will see a change of sonority in the music of Giordana.

Here’s how the singer-songwriter tells this new song:

PASSENGER is the human being who lives, flows in his space and has nothing but his desire to go. He is not interested in matter, he looks for emotions and makes them the stuff for the soul.

PASSENGER flows, does not stop and yet, in this song, there is something that makes him want to stop. PASSENGER knows that he is not eternal, that he is passing through and for this reason he lives on landscapes (physical and metaphorical) to feel alive.

The new single is already in pre-save and pre-add who.


Coming November 26th