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Giuliano Crupi released her new single Filter.

The song is available on all digital, streaming and download platforms.

We reached Giuliano Crupi for a long interview in which he talks about the present and future objectives.

Several topics were addressed with Giuliano and we divided the interview into three themes: Filter, Giuliano and Future

Hi Giuliano, let’s start immediately from the present. You launched Filter, your new single that is told clearly, without mincing words … without filters. Can you go deeper into the topic?

Hi, it’s always a pleasure. Filter he wants to highlight the power of human frailty, underlining that when it is accepted and shown, strength is acquired because we acquire authenticity and truth towards ourselves and towards others. Today more than ever we are in the age of filters and attention deficit, social and otherwise, the age in which many flaunt well-being at all costs, associating happiness with a distorted concept of success and beauty.

We do not listen, we do not listen to each other, we are distracted, not present, “thus losing those moments of eternity”. We are perpetually connected to chats, emails, social networks and then disconnected from ourselves and from others. I imagine it happens to everyone to see groups of people having dinner together but each “closed” with their smartphone, as well as on buses or in other circumstances and places used to aggregation and sociability.

Filter he simply wants to highlight and photograph this era, intrinsically making us reflect. It is declined almost entirely in the first person plural because I feel part of this mechanism with the difference that, perhaps compared to others, I see it, I reflect on it, I try to show it to others to animate, to awaken from emotional slumber and I try to work daily to be connected to the human and disconnected from the technological. And in any case when I am connected to the technological, I carry a lot of humanity inside.

The “filter” can be a mask with which to hide or disguise, you with your songs tackle topics without barriers, are you also like this in everyday life or is yours a filter in music?

Music has always given me the freedom to strip myself completely and inside my songs I am 100% myself but I believe that the human side cannot be separated from the artistic one: they are interconnected and bi-univocal. Realistically, the songs I write are a projection of my interiority, of my values, of my life, of my experience.

In Filter do you sing: “We are eyes closed in the midst of this enchantment (…) Spread your wings give them the wind if life calls from the still time” a very strong message, one of long-term perspective and vision, just the opposite of a filter, which focuses only on the appearance of the present.
A beautiful message, an explanatory metaphor. Can you send direct messages through songs?

Absolutely yes. The songs are meant to excite. Music must excite us; whether it is joy, pain, adrenaline, sadness, happiness, euphoria, anger, we always talk about emotions. It has no other purpose. If there is no emotion, there is no music. And that emotion comes to us not only from the harmony or melody of a song but also from the lyrics, from the words, from the messages. “We are eyes closed in the midst of this enchantment” is a metaphorical message that contains many meanings and sub-texts, direct and indirect and every sentence of Filter connects to the other to form a single great message: that of being authentic, of stopping to savor a sunset, of finding a slower breath, taking back our time, what they have stolen from us, of giving time to life and life to the weather.

Is there a connection between your songs? Previous The beauty e Fingerprints they seem to me the prologue of Filter. Is that so or does each song have its own focus?

I don’t write thinking about creating a continuum with the previous songs. When I write a song it is every time a different emotional unicum but, of course, carrying out certain values ​​with a fair sensitivity, the bond, perhaps even only human, between one song and another is inevitable.

Filter, in my opinion, it can also be linked to your CRUPILLOLE D’AMORE format; OF LIFE AND HAPPINESS in which you did interviews to talk freely about love, the meaning of life and happiness. Is there a link between the two projects?

Yes and it is linked to the theme addressed above so that what I carry inside the songs, I also carry it beyond the songs. It is my mission on this planet, my meaning of life. The “CRUPILLOLE D’AMORE” column still exists and I have just started the second season which is currently off for a couple of weeks to give space to the promotion of Filter.


Do you define yourself as a revolutionary or do you simply aspire to a world without filters? It takes a lot of courage for both. Do you identify with this analysis?

I don’t know if I am a revolutionary but I assert with certainty that today being without filters, being authentic, not wearing masks, is a real revolutionary act of great courage. So, perhaps, seen in this perspective, yes, I am and I try to promote this type of peaceful and pacifist revolution at 360 degrees, with every soul I meet live, on social networks, in my songs, in every useful occasion for to do it.

With your songs you have participated in various competitions, also managing to obtain awards. What manifestation has remained in your heart? And which one would you like to participate in?

It is not easy to identify one in particular that has remained in the heart, but certainly the semifinal of the Premio de André in Sanremo during the Festival is one of those, also because I was hosted by a very dear friend of mine who was already hosting my other dear friends, musicians, speakers and journalists and we slept in those days all together. The emotional link with this particular manifestation is certainly related to the experience of those days. I would like to participate in Musicultura and Sanremo, two important stages for a singer-songwriter like me. Life, for better or for worse, is unpredictable so who knows, maybe it will happen soon.

giuliano crupi

Giuliano Crupi – FUTURE

You are working on new songs and writing and collaborating as an author for other artists. You are an artist in the service of music. What news are you preparing? Can you tell us something? Will there be any live shows?

I’m in the service of music, that’s right. They are only a channel that carries messages, to introduce positive energy, beauty, love into the universe. Each of us is part of that energy, we are one. To take an extreme example, a person who kills another person has not only made a terrible and inhuman gesture towards another human being, but has triggered a series of linked events of pain and suffering; for example, causing extreme pain to the loved ones of the victim who certainly, due to this loss, will have psychic and perhaps even logistical changes, binding themselves to some people rather than others. The victim will no longer be in the world and maybe she would have been a Nobel Peace Prize winner if she had stayed alive and this too changes the world, affects universal energy, affects each of us. Returning to the news, in spring 2022 a new single will be released and live shows will start from there, I hope as many lives as possible.

Let’s close by connecting to your new single, what do you mean without “filter”?

I would like to say that there is no use wearing masks. It is a struggle for ourselves to wear them and for others to be near them if we wear them. When we are dealing with a non-transparent person, we immediately get the feeling that there is a fake substrate underneath. We already know if we listen to each other. Therefore, authentic relationships are the best. You feel free to be yourself starting from self-love. If we love each other, we do not need the approval of others and consequently we do not have to be something we are not for fear that others will not love us in our imperfect truth. Be unfiltered and life will change you for the better.

The readers of All Music Italia are very attentive to the artists and their stories, do you want to say something that I did not ask you?

I just want to give a little pearl to those who have come to read this far. At the beginning of the Filter, in the first shot, the one in which the actress is Rossella D’Andrea talking on the phone standing, in the background you can see a frame with a photo and two silhouettes. Well, those two silhouettes are me and my brother as children because one of the two locations in the video was my mother’s house. The other location, on the other hand, is my house and the piano you see in the video is therefore mine.