Giuse The Lizia comes out with the first EP “As a minimum”, rap but author

Joseph the Lizia he is ready to let us hear his first album. At least is his manifesto, a full immersion in his musical world.

The debut EP of Joseph the Lizia. Is titled At least and is signed by Maciste Dischi.

“A year ago the release of an EP was not part of my plans and not even music was part of my plans – he says. Joseph – I’ve always lived everything as it was, without making too many plans. Seeing these born amidst a thousand uncertainties is a great emotion and somehow the release of this EP gives me the opportunity to have a certainty for the first time. Is called At least because I hope to do another 300. For now I have these six six pieces and I am holding them tight. “

“Take some time / to go back inside / maybe then it will pass”

One of the three tracks, which Joseph the Lizia has already published in the past few weeks, is Maybe it passes you, to which the rapper-songwriter from Bagheria is very fond of.

“I particularly care about this piece because it is deeply linked to a sentimentally very unstable period. The hope was to wake up one morning and find myself all right, as before. In the end it didn’t happen like that, but a song was born. “

Straight to the point, a real river of words that flows unpredictably for the duration of the song. The intertwining of text and sound has a contagious effect and so it will also be for the general mood of the EP.

The singer-songwriter among other things is currently one of the 45 semifinalists of Sanremo youth 2021.


Joseph he started making music at 15, playing guitar in a cover band of Strokes.
His artistic career began with singles Vietnam e Crooked evenings, produced by Mr. Monkey, released last April.
His live debut took place on the iconic stage of the I miss you (on June 5 at the Circolo Magnolia in Milan).

Joseph the Lizia he is only 19 years old, but he is ready to infect our everyday life with his flow. His figure, in fact, that of rap mixed with songwriting, surprises single after single. The rapper and songwriter has started an unexpected path in which to get lost completely.