GOSSIP! is the new album by the rock band against the labels

I calm face, band format Riccardo, Gianluca (ex UponThisDawning), Cesare (ex My Breathing Harmony), Fabiano (ex My Breathing Harmony e Koen), they publish on Friday 14 January for Feather Discs the new album, GOSSIP!

The album comes after the release of three singles belonging to this new recording chapter: Swings, VMDV e Consumption. The record rewrites the history and the present of the Brescia group, almost three years after the second album Souvenir.

Cara Calma have been playing together since 2017. Four different and distant musical existences: Gianluca trod important US stages thanks to the recording contract with the Californian label Fearless Records while Cesare e Fabiano they were the protagonists of an interesting post-hardcore wall-breaking project.

After a year comes the debut album co-produced by Karim Qqru (The Zen Circus), On Tips To Look Great, released for Cloudhead Records / Phonarchia Dischi.

In 2019 it comes out Souvenir, the band’s second album, brought to stages throughout Italy with over 50 dates, including participation in important summer festivals such asHome Festival e Albori Music Festival in addition to the openings for Fast Animals and Slow Kids, ministry, Omar Pedrini, I Hate My Village e Punkreas.


In 2021 a new musical chapter of the band begins. The single Swings conquer the cover of the playlist Rock Italy from Spotify and comes into rotation in the Rock Chart e New Zone from MTV Music.

GOSSIP! is a title that wants to define immediately the clarity with which i calm face they look to music, after years of tours, clubs and stages: years in which music has been sweat and sacrifice.

It is in this direction that a contrast is created with a world increasingly made up of commodification, labels and gossip. The name of the album was thus born in a game of opposites, to emphasize and proudly point out a different way, for songs in which the band has always thrown in emotions, stories and experiences.

This is the tracklist of the album:

  1. Dance on the rooftops
  2. A party
  3. Consumption
  4. Unnamed children
  5. Swings
  6. For a moment
  7. VMDV
  8. One kick after another
  9. Kernel
  10. Dedicate

Photo by Valentina Cipriani