Hard Rock Hotel opens in Madrid after an investment of more than 20 million

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Upon entering the Hard Rock Hotel from Madrid, the first thing the visitor finds is a mural of Alaska and the Pegamoids. Without a doubt, one of the musical icons of what came to be called ‘the Madrid scene’. A letter of introduction for an establishment that has just opened its doors in Ronda de Atocha, number 17, right in front of the Reina Sofía Museum and Art Center.

It has been five years of works in which the financial outlay has exceeded 20 million euros. The funny thing about the history of this hotel is that the owner of the building, the fund ASG, lead by Luis Miguel MartinHe does not consider it strategic and has put the ‘for sale’ sign on it. The JLL consulting firm is in charge of marketing it.

“The sale does not affect the day-to-day running of the hotel at all,” he says. Raul Palomo, CEO of Hard Rock Hotel Madrid. And he adds: “The hotel is music, adventure, entertainment and fun without limits. Additionally, all of our employees are rock stars”.

Arts and entertainment

Hard Rock Hotel Madrid is the first of the brand in Spain that falls into the urban category. And that it is an establishment of the North American chain gives good faith the spectacular architecturally sculpted hanging guitar that hangs over the lobby couches.

This work of art, in the afternoon, is illuminated with different tones, depending on the music that is playing at that moment. Because, music, there is always: national and international. There will even be it live.

Lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel in Madrid.

In the hotel, there is room for all kinds of music, and shows. Not just rock. For example, while your visitors are having a drink at the bar at the entrance, it may be the case that a flamenco dancer is entertaining the moment.

On that first floor, people will be able to see from a menina adorned with letters of Rosalía, a guitar of Paul Stanley (of the group Kiss), a hunter of Miguel Rios, a handkerchief Jimi Hendrix, or a guitar of Pau Donés.

These memories range from international icons to more national ones. Thus, there are some jeans worn by Elvis presley, platform boots used by David Bowie, and a guitar of Antonio Vega placeholder image. In total, more than 70 pieces spread throughout the hotel.

“Our guests will be able to discover art, music, history, as well as the great gastronomic and cultural variety of the capital. All of this, coupled with Hard Rock hospitality, inspired by entertainment, “he says. Give him Hipsh, vice president of Hotels Hard Rock International.

Cultural environment

Hard Rock Hotel Madrid has an exceptional cultural location. In addition to the Reina Sofía Museum and Art Center, and the other two classics of the Art Triangle (Prado Y Thyssen-Bornemisza), within walking distance you have The House On or the Circo Price. Without forgetting the neighborhoods of Lavapiés and Embajadores.

“The hotel is aimed both at those who travel for work and those other people who travel for leisure,” says Raúl Palomo. It has 161 rooms and suites with a contemporary, minimalist and elegant style. The price is from 180 euros, although there are discounts. It also has more than 2,000 square meters of space, including the garden and the roof terrace, for different types of events.

Terrace on the roof of the Hard Rock Hotel. Photo: Invertia

The brand’s flagship restaurant, Sessions, features an indoor lounge as well as an open terrace overlooking the garden. In the you can experience classic Spanish gastronomy reinvented with avant-garde touches. A mix between Mediterranean and Asian under the leadership of chef Juan Hely Pérez Moreno.

On the other hand, RT60 is a rooftop bar where you can taste different gourmet preserves, ham and cheese cut at the moment and cocktails, while enjoying 360-degree views of the city to the rhythm of different live DJs.

The lobby bar, called GMT +1, offers drinks and light food throughout the day. The most private space of all will be the Green Room, a chef-style table that is reserved for groups and that is isolated from the rest of the areas. Your menu will be exclusive for a maximum of 6 diners. The opening is scheduled for next September, and the average price will be 120 euros.

Along with all this, customers can enjoy in the room of The Sound of Your Stay, which makes it possible to enjoy selected playlists; listen to a personalized selection of vinyls; or play a Fender electric guitar with headphones and an amp.

Finally, the hotel also has a outdoor pool for clients (in which you can listen to music in the water), a Body Rock fitness center, and its Rock Om. The latter is a class that fuses the ancient practice of yoga with the rhythm of a soundtrack selected by a DJ … and all from the hotel room.