He does stage diving during Rhove’s live. Three of them end up in the hospital

Rhovea friend, with him on the stage for the performance, throws himself on the audience during his live… or he performs Stage divingwhich is usually done by the artist but we postpone it.

There was something poetic about the S.tage diving rock singers with their cursed air.

The (singer) or musician threw himself on the audience who cheered him, supported him and made him feel like a hero, almost a god.

Then it stage diving it has become mainstream, has left the genre and has conquered the new generations who, however, evidently are not ready to bear the weight of the body that falls (or maybe they don’t always care about making it hard, who knows …)

It happened in April a Blanco that, launched on the public, no one took him … not even divine providence since he was live in the Vatican. Maybe he thought he was walking on “crowds”.

It happened again to a member of the crew of Rhove a few days ago during the Live beats as they sang Shakerando (Click here). And this time it went much worse.

It wasn’t the boy she wanted to pay for it surfer on the public, but the three unfortunates who remained below. Two girls and a boy ended up in the hospital.

Here is what happened, as told by the same to Webboh:

The friend of Rhove he launched himself from the stage, at a distance of about 4 meters. He flew and fell on top of us. We got hurt. I was stunned and I did not understand anything and the first thing I see the friend running away is the camera that is filming us. Then I turned around and saw my boyfriend. Someone from the staff approached me and my friend. Security let us out without asking how we were doing. They only medicated my boyfriend. I found him outside after I called him.

We went to the hospital the next day. My friend and I have a contracture and bruise, she in the neck and I in the shoulder and wrist. My fiance has a swollen eye and a cut under the cheekbone. Rhove and his friend have not contacted us. Now we report it: I hope such a thing does not happen again. He could have endangered not only us, but himself and the public as well, creating a shock wave and creating panic. We are sorry that no one, not even Radio Norba e Live beats they apologized.

This is the video of what happened, which went viral in a short time:



@Rhovelaprovince warn your dear friend that a good complaint will soon come to him🫶🏻 #perte #fyp #fyp #rhove

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We should just report the facts, tell what happened, but there are habits that can ruin the party that must be the music.

As in the ’00s where it was customary pogare and, if some small person or a girl were in the midst of this thrusting crowd like no rugby players at a game, it was no longer a party. At least for her.

Now the fashion is to launch on the public, an unknown public, often made up of little girls and young girls. Whoever launches does not know if he will end up on a thug able to support him or on a person who, for various reasons, cannot do it.

They weren’t ready.

Comment by Rhove accompanied by the loud laugh emoji, definitely out of place.

This is the rapper’s initial comment on the facts but then he took a step back with these words …

I’m sorry for the guys who were overwhelmed by my partner Mino at the Battiti live we didn’t think anyone was hurt
This is our show and we have perhaps brought it into a different environment than usual, coming out of the box also entails this.
Sorry to the guys, I hope we got over it

In short, when the patch is worse than the hole. Going out of the box is right, but without hurting others and if you throw yourself into the public, maybe it would be the case that someone checks that no one is left … under! Rhove, it is known, is a lover of extreme sports. Him, in fact.

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