Here are the 10 most watched series in 2021, have you seen them all?

It is true that 2021 was a very difficult year for the production of series and movies, as the pandemic made it very difficult, but streaming platforms have never been so watched, and these are the top 10 of the most visited by the public.

Let’s list:

1. Squid Game – Round 6 (2021)

It’s not news to anyone, not even people who’ve talked about it here, that Round 6 was a great success. For many reasons it’s impressive, a Korean series, starring only Korean actors, and reaching the numbers that the series has achieved is surprising. Not even the most enthusiastic about foreign productions would make that prediction, but it’s the truth. The quest for a hefty sum of money to end debt, and its sarcastic violence scenes, took the title of the most watched series of the year and also the most watched series on Netflix of all time.

Squid Game - Netflix

Squid Game
(Credit: Netflix)

2. The 100 (2014-2020)

A great series came to an end, and thus secured its second place on the list. The Hundred is a post-apocalyptic series that has conquered fans all over the world, it was 6 years of history and 7 seasons, following the story of 100 young people, sent to Earth as lab rats to research if the planet could be habitable again. Over the years, despite the series’ success, critics were not always good, but the last season was highly praised, which justifies a series finished in 2020 being the second most watched of 2021. Today it is possible to watch all seasons on TV. series on Netflix.

3. The Money Heist (2017-2021)

Not much different from first place. Another foreign series that conquered the world and had its grand finale last year, and like every success it couldn’t be different. Fans watched the end of the story of the biggest heists in Spain, and could see what end Professor and his revolutionary thieves met. Also another production bought by Netflix and distributed around the world to conquer fans from all continents and languages. The series also has several records and will surely be one of the productions that will be remembered for a long time.

4. Lupin (2021-)

Arsène Lupine is a very famous thief and a fictional character created by writer Maurice Leblanc who had his first release in 1907. However, the series does not tell the story of this Lupin. In the series we have an assiduous fan who is also a very skilled thief and uses his knowledge of the books to practice theft, until some things get out of hand and the ability to improvise comes to the fore. The series brings this connection between the modern thief and the “Thief in a Coat” very well, so well that it was the fourth most watched, displacing several hits from other years. This is a Netlifx production and it is worth mentioning that a sequel is very likely to happen, so let’s see if it manages to stay in the top 4.

Lupin - Netflix

(Credit: Netflix)

5. Bridgerton (2020-)

The English noble family has won many fans, thus making it fifth on the list. In British high society 8 brothers seek love, and this plot always works. In a period series, full of elaborate costumes, castles, carriages and of course a lot of lust and betrayal, the series has been gaining followers, it even has its second season confirmed by Netflix, and it can certainly climb much higher on this list in the coming years.

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